Thursday, August 26, 2010

New "False Victim" website

This is my new website for my novel "False Victim". Feel free to pop in and have a look around. I'm still in the process of editing but you're able to leave comments if you want. By the end of the day I should - should being the operative word here - have my tour schedule posted on 'events' page, my publicists info for bookings, and ahem....get this - a book club section where you all can ask questions or just have a discussion about the plot with other readers. I thought that was pretty dog-gone cool. Hopefully others will, too.

Now that I have a web page that focuses solely on the book, us Hillbilly Debutantes over here can focus on other things....ya country music, old trucks, vintage clothes and cool junk!

Speaking of junk - have you heard the news?? I believe that the ''Junk Gypsies'' are about to get their own show! My life is now perfect.

(If you don't know who the "Junk Gypsies" then click on "Junk Gypsy Blog" to see what you've been missin'.


Bethany said...

Hi! You would LOVE Serenity Tea room. It's so lovely. It's located in downtown Frederick on Patrick Street in an old townhouse. We should visit there sometime.

trash talk said...

First...can I get a yeehaw? Congratulations!'s true. The cameras are gonna be rolling at their sale this weekend AND at Warrenton. Can't you work a book signing into the Austin/Houston area around the end of September or first of October. It's just a hop, skip and a jump down to Zapp Hall from either. Think of all the fun dressing up for the prom...and meeting the Cat Daddy! Brenham (home of Blue Bell ice cream) is only 20 miles minutes away...there's a cream and a book. Could it get any better?
P.S. I'm not kidding. This would be the perfect time to come to Texas!

Rumana Akter said...

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