Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Please forgive me for being AWOL the past week. I'm currently on a book tour in Missouri and it's been a whirlwind. When I'm not at a book store I am answering e-mails, working out scheduling glitches and other minor mishaps that occur. It's all good.
I have several items of business I want you to know about.
Number 1. Please check out my new website.
It's not usable yet, but after next week it will be good to go. Familiarize yourself with it as later there will be a place for you all to click on that will allow each of you to discuss the book amongst yourselves. I'll drop in from time to time and answer any questions you might have for me, too. I'll have my schedule posted and I'll be able to keep you up to date on upcoming books.
Number 2. Starting in September "Hillbilly Debutante" will be making some major changes. I'll be changing the blog to make it prettier - she's been boring for way too long - so it's time to hire a professional to dazzle her up a bit.
Number 3. "Hillbilly Debutante of The Month". I don't have time to go into too much detail, but starting in September each month one woman who exemplifies the free-spirit, fun-loving, interesting attributes that make up a modern woman will be showcased as "Hillbilly Debutante of the Month." Maybe she is a country girl now living in the city who has figured out how to incorporate simplicity into a hectic urban life. Or maybe she is a country girl that LOVES the city and has no intention of going back. HDOM can be a business woman, stay at home mom, college student, grandmother - YOU will get to decide! Drop me a line - I'm interested to know what you think of this. (FYI - I already have September and October just to get the ball rolling).
Number 4: I am in the process of having "Hillbilly Debutante" t-shirts designed for giveaways and for sale. And my sweet friend Lindsay Bowman who is in the midst of kicking off her stationary business will be designing "Hillbilly Debutante" stationary.
As you can see I haven't been neglecting you on purpose. My little brain has been whirrin' away tryin' to come up with new ideas to freshen up. I've been really stale around here.
I'm interested to know your thoughts and hear some of your ideas. In the meantime, please browse some of my friends on my blog roll. There is something for everyone!
Love to you all and I'll try to post some pictures tonight.


Gracie Beth said...

Was the college student for hillbilly of the month directed towards anyone in particular? I would be down to participate!

Sheena Simpson said...

These are absolutely amazing ideas! I can't wait to see you Saturday. Just remember keep praying, and keep breathing.

Megan said...

Kathie, such great ideas. I have ordered your book and am really looking forward to reading it. I went into your new site and read the first chapters!!

Beth Dunn said...

Everything sounds super exciting right now. Can't wait to see all of your new looks!

Rumana Akter said...

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