Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baubles and Sequins, Country roads and fishin'

So the above necklace, I know, is probably overkill with the sequin collar, but guess what? I don't care. It was a gift from Ruthann from SugarPie Farmhouse and it's now my favorite piece of jewelry. Besides, it fits my personality. Baubles and sequins. Together. Over the top and too much. Just like me.

Oh, I've tried to change, trust me. I've finally learned to embrace it and keep myself in check at appropriate times. For example, I would never wear baubles and sequins to a funeral. My cowboy boots, yes...but never baubles and sequins. To my own, heck yeah! - I expect to be all dolled up....but that's another story.

While I was travelling the Midwest sweating over a hot pen signing books, my family was takin' it easy...
But just between you and me it wasn't all work and no play.
A huge part of the simple life is taking the road less travelled and I do that every chance I get. On the way to my Kansas City appearance I decided to drive down an old dirt road I used to live on when I was a little girl.

The weather brought a slow, gentle rain. Everything was so peaceful, so quiet. Absolutely nothing had changed in the past 40 years. No buildings, no sprawl, no paved roads. Just solitude. And corn. Lots of corn.
If it was a perfect world this next scene would always be in my front windshield - not in the rearview window.

Oh well. God didn't promise 'perfect', did He? Even though I'm 'stuck' in the city, I still think my life is as close to 'perfect' as it could possibly be. Hallelujah!
Until Next Time,


trash talk said...

You know my mantra...if I can't see you from across a ain't got enough bling on!
I'm loving the new look of your blog. A little facelift now and then never hurts...might be I'm needing one and I don't mean my blog!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I am a traveler of Missouri backroads, every chance I get.

I love your bling! Beautiful!

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