Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book Tour pictures - Part one

Missouri Book Tour

Barnes and Noble on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City - a great turnout for a Tuesday night.

Me and the fantabulous crew at ABC Books in Springfield, Missouri. First of all I gotta tell you that store managers and their staff are always amazing. I have never (knock on wood) had a bad experience, but Valerie Earheardt and her employees are just soooo, genuinely nice. There is just something to be said for a locally-owned business. They're different. I compare it to being in someones home and they've invited all these people to come and browse through their books.

If you live in the Ozarks or you're passing through - it is a popular vacation destination, after all - why don't you pop in to ABC at 2109 North Glenstone, Springfield, Missouri and pick out a book to read poolside. (Ahem! May I suggest "False Victim" - I hear it's an intense, quick read and I know the author would be pleased if you bought it).

(signing a copy of False Victim for Mike and Carla Green)

The BEST part of this trip? Meeting facebook friends and bloggers I'd never met before. Mike Green (above) is an 'accidental' facebook friend that I decided to 'keep.' (me on the phone with Mom: "Did the Mike Green that I graduated with leave Patty for some woman named Carla that has a bunch o' kids that look just like him?")

And when this beautiful woman walked through the door - oh my! - you'd have thought Elvis had just entered the building! It's RuthAnn Winans aka "Aunt Ruthie" from the wonderful, wildly popular
"SugarPie Farmhouse".
It was a dream of mine to meet here and there she was - at my book signing.

I made a such a fuss that I think it embarrassed her (she's very gracious and down to earth) but I couldn't help it! And with every book I signed I added '' so everyone else could see why I am so star-struck.

Basking in the warm beauty of a sunlit Kansas City sky!

At Borders in Springfield, Missouri with my very dear friend Susan Kennemer (we were both in radio together too long ago)

and so were we!
I co-hosted the morning show with my former boss Rod Kittleman at the Christian Station KADI, Rock 99. That 2 and 1/2 hours was just like old times, like we'd never stopped working together. Rod is still someone I call when I'm making changes in my life and I want to know what he thinks. Love, love, love him! Andthe best part about Rod? Radio is an uber-competitive, back-stabbing, claw your way to the top type of business and not once did I see him act anything less than the Christian gentleman he is.

Before you head up and move 'em out please check out my new author website:

Until Next time,



Gracie Beth said...

You look fabulous as always!

trash talk said...

In my best Ruthie voice..."Oh Honey"! You look beautiful in every photo. If and when (with a heavy emphasis on when) we get to meet, be warned...I will be like a groupie at a rock star concert.
I'm laughing at your new "facebook" friend...sounds like something I would do!

Java said...

Wow congrats to you! You are amazing!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such an amusing comment! I loved it!

I'm now following you!

Be sure to come by Friday for the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!

Have a great day!!

Megan said...

Hi Kathie:
Your book arrived today and I was so immersed in it, we were almost late for dinner at a friend's home. It is riveting. When I have finished it, I will go on to your other site to discuss it with others.
How nice you met Aunt Ruthie on her tour. I do not have a blog myself but I follow her site too and also am an amateur writer.
Am off to bed now to read more.

Kathie Truitt said...

GB - Thank you darlin'

Trash - Girl, YOU are on my bucket list - as well as shopping with you AND dancing with Cat Daddy at the Junk o' Rama Prom.

Java - I'm on my way over as soon as I'm done typin'

Megan - There is NO such thing as an amateur writer - just keep on keepin' on and why not start a blog of your own?? I'd be a follower. And thank you so much for supporting "False Victim." Stay in touch.

The Vintage Housewife... said...

what a wonderful wonderful moment! Thanks for sharin' doll...congrats on the book the tour...and oh honey...i am so excited you and my darlin' friend got to meet! One thing about her is she loves...loves...loves books! Looks like a wonderful day!!!! Congrats

Megan said...

Hi Kathie:
I know I should not have written amateur! :) Everyone is a writer. I actually had a short story published once.
I finished your book and have so many questions to ask and discuss on the book site.
A run of different emotions passed through me as I read and could not put this book down.
As I sat in my garden perusing this, I felt so thankful I had the freedom and peace to do this.
I think because I followed your site before you wrote the book, the characters took on you and your family in my mind.
I cannot believe the courage you displayed.
I don't want to spoil the book for anyone else at this point but just would like to say, it is an excellent story, thrilling and sad. I would urge eveyone to buy a copy, you will not regret it.

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Spent some time exploring your blog. WOW! 5 days ago I had a friend from Oregon send me a link featuring your new book! I have it on my shopping list. btw, your gorgeous, that smile! OH MY!

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