Friday, October 15, 2010

I have been looking for 'HER'...and I've found her.. style icon.
Yeah, go ahead. Snicker about how vain and shallow I am. You're probably 23 and have no clue what it's like to 'feel' 19 but pushing 50 and try to find something fun to wear thats's not trashy or it's polar opposite sister - frumpy. And sometimes it is so freaking hard to discern where the cut-off line is! There doesn't seem be anything in between the 'Brittany Spears' or 'Mrs Doubtfire' realm. It's one extreme to another.
For instance take these over-the-knee boots.
Yep they're mine and that's me in the above picture.
I do always tend to gear towards the 'edgy' stuff. Big jewelry. Unique accessories. Lots of makeup. Short, spiky, funky hair. No matter how hard I try to go 'clean and classic' I always go back to 'edgy'.
Anyway, back to the boots. I wanted to wear them on my book tour, but was kind of scared. Were they too young? Could I pull these off without looking like some over-the-hill tart?
The night before I left I tried them on with a leopard print shorter tunic-style top with leggings. (disclaimer: the tunic waaaay more than covered my butt. Show the ol' buttster? Ain't gonna happen).
Me (to 16-year-old son William): "Can I wear this?"
(Man, how I miss my daughter in times like these)
William, annoyed that I am standing between him and ESPN: "Yeah."
Me: "No, I mean would you be embarrassed if I picked you up from school wearing this?"
Will: "No."
Me: "Okay, what if we were walking through the Mall - would you be embarrassed to walk beside me?"
Will: "No."
Me: "What if it was a high school football or basket ball game?"
Will, (now extremely annoyed): "Mom, it looks okay. Really, I mean it. If you don't mind I'm watching the game!"
Me (almost falling for it): "Oops sorry....wait a minute! It's Wednesday night! There's no football."
William (now really disgusted): "I know, Mom. It's last weeks Cowboys game - ESPN always plays re-runs."
So, I stomp downstairs to Mr. T.
Me: "Can I wear this?"
Mr. T (in a very seductive, come-hither voice): "Oh Baby, you sure can."
Me (ignoring him because he's completely missing the point): "No, I mean...really, can I wear this? Do I look like a 48-year-old woman trying to be 25 again?"
Mr T: "Oh yeah, you can definitely wear that. Come over here and I'll show you just how much you can wear that, hee, hee.."
Giving up, I get the camera, make him take a picture and send it to my daughter who quickly texts me back, "Yes, Mom. You can wear that. It looks really nice, and yes. Age appropriate."
Bingo! Now how hard was that?
So, I wore the outfit and as far as I know no one burst into fits of laughter, nor did Mama faint or ask me if I was 'really going to wear that,' so I suppose it looked alright.
I've heard that throughout our life, we need to have a style icon. Someone who is our age or even older. A fashion mentor.
I finally found mine.

Her name is Barbara Daseke and she's the President of Barbara Elliott Interior Designs in Dallas.

I love everything about her. I love that she goes against the mainstream and seems to have a ball with fashion.

I love that she wears lots of color.

Texas women aren't afraid to show their glamorous side. They were lots of makeup, lots of color - and are bold when it comes to fashion. I'll betcha 10 bucks Mrs. Daseki doesn't stand between hubby and the television and whine, "Don, would you be embarrassed if I wore....".

I'm betting that the glamorous Mrs. D owns whatever she decides to put on and whoever doesn't like it can kiss her Texas grits.
She oozes that kind of confidence.

(fashion shoot photo shamelessly stolen from Mrs. Daseke's facebook page)

Barbara and her handsome husband, Don
(Both are well-known in Dallas social and philanthropy circles)

After perusing the 'net for about an hour, I got the nerve to message her and then 'friend' her on facebook. And much to my delight, she accepted.

So Barbara - if you're reading this I want you to know that I've worn the pictures out on your Facebook page.....Ummm...can you please post new and post often?

And it too early into our friendship to ask for your cell phone number? When I shop I can take a picture, text it to you and ask if this is a "SBWW" - something Barbara would wear. Okay, maybe that's a little too forward....

To my readers - WHO is YOUR style icon?

Until next time,


It has been wonderful meeting so many of you on my book tours! I love it! This weekend I'm doing a private book signing in Kent Island, Maryland and next week I'm doing a signing in Borders at Baltimore Airport! If you're passing through or know someone who might be flying in and out please send them my way.

P.S. Scroll down to see October "Hillbilly Debutante of the Month" if you haven't already.


Marydon said...

Just plain lil' 'ol me! Loves yours tho, what gumption & class ...

Have a great weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Sheena Simpson said...

Without a doubt Sandra Bullocks character in Hope Floats. If I could dress like her all the time I would love it.

But my wishlist includes any and all pyramid collection. *sigh Why did you have to send me that gorgeous link. I'll never be able to afford them.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a style icon because I've always been half a bubble off plumb (a term my daddy used often). I would probably wear a nice bell sleeve belted tunic with jeans and some of those awesome over the knee boots...and a choker or scarf around my neck. I like to call my style "hippie chic". I also like to wear kurtas with leggings and ballerina flats. My fave place to shop online is Gypsy Rose...just like to be different. Was it something in the Eldo water to make us like this? lol Love ya girly!! 'Nee

Olive Cooper said...

I am 48 and wear big silver jewelry and color and have a signature syle some days:))

Javamom said...

I love her black outfit with the hat, and the gorgeous photoshoot with all the other ladies.

I don't have one specific style icon, though I love Sandra Bullock's outfits in "The Proposal." I'm pretty classic, but can also bust into camping/hiking gear very, very comfortably.

My favorite look, though is in the Ann Taylor style. I made my own Mother of the Groom dress following an Ann Taylor dress last year, and my favorite little black symphony dress was purchased there recently). I love scarves, but Texas is too hot for them more than half the year.

On my wishlist: some gorgeous, classy boots that have a good, comfy fit. I am beginning to have trouble with my right foot at this age (46+), so some good inserts will be a must.

Go Dallas! LOL. Now, not all the Dallas ladies wear lots of make-up. Well, at least they tend to keep it toned down and a little more natural looking than they used to in the 80's!

Javamom said...

...and I won't even talk about the 'trophy' wives and elective breast implants...

Nezzy said...

Your just meant to live a Texan kinda of edgy life Hon! Heeehehe!

I'm sayin...this season is better shoppin' than last. It seem everything was either old Mama clothes or teeny bopper stuff. I want to stay 'updated'( 'cept when I'm in my yoga pants and manure stompers) but don't want to look like I'm tryin' to be sixteen again.

I've been MIA...long story short my Daddy passed a week and a half ago.

Ya'll have a most marvelously blessed day!!!

Melita said...

I have just stumbled across your blog . I am 55 (JUST !! ) but in my mind i'm still around 25 , give or take lol , but i do the exact same thing and ask 1 one my 3 daughters for advice , " does it look ok?" , "is it too young for me ?" or "is it too old ?" . Loved reading it . Hugs Melita xx

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