Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 and 1/2 - number of days I had Sophia (granddaughter) while my daughter went to New Orleans to a wedding.

3 and 1/2 - number of days I went without a shower because she wouldn't let me out of her sight.

2 - number of times she screamed if I tried to put her down.

0 - number of times I walked around a three-story house without her sitting on my left hip.

12 - number of times I went to the bathroom with her sitting in my lap for the same reasons listed above.

5 - number of times she played 'chef' with the dog food.

6 - number of times I caught her eating the dog food.

3 - number of times I successfully pried the dog food from her mouth.

1 - the number of times she screamed because she didn't want to sleep in her crib.

3 - the number of nights she slept clinging to Grandma.

24 - the number of joints and muscle-aches Grandma has from sleeping in one position for 3 nights with a 19 pound toddler curled up on her chest.

13 - the total number of open mouth kisses that Sally the lab/husky mix got from Sophia for the whole weekend.

4 - pieces of dog food Grandma found stuffed in the silverware compartment of the dishwasher.

2 - number of hours Grandma cried after taking Sophia back home.

8 - hours of sleep Grandma expects to get tonight as she prepares for bed.

50 - number of years Grandma hopes to spend with Sophia


3 - number of the pieces of dog food Grandma just found under her pillow....

'til next time,


Lisa Ann said...

LOL! I miss those days with Chelsea. Enjoy them that go by to fast.

trash talk said...

This is when we feel our age! I love my g'girls, but oh the mischief they can get into...and expect me to join in on!

megan said...

Welcome to the world of Grandmothers Kathie.
Loved the dog food comments. You can tease her about this when she is older. I have lots of teases in my memory bank.
My grandchildren are teenagers now and only my youngest will cuddle, so take those kisses when you can, they are priceless.

Gracie Beth said...

That was so sweet!

Rumana Akter said...

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Katydid said...

Priceless! You go, Hillbilly Grandma!

Shermeen said...

I enjoyed this! I know my mum enjoys spending time with her grandkids and boy do they keep her on her toes. Enjoy your next 50 years with Sophia xx

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