Monday, November 1, 2010

Just this once I'm going to cheat....

You all LOVE the Hillbilly Debutante of the Month segment but this month I have just been consumed with author/book tour duties and I just have not had time to work on it. I do have a nominee but I want to be able to do her justice, so I'll feature her for December.
However, I'm not leaving you in the lurch for a November HDOM. I'm just going to do it a little different this time.
I'd like to name Mia at as honorary Hillbilly Debutante of the Month.
I found her blog by accident on Sunday and I spent all afternoon reading it back to the beginning.
I think you will love her - especially my readers who love the simple life.
Mia and her family gave up a life in the suburbs to move to the country and live as 'homesteaders.'
This young lady is absolutely precious and I promise if you go over and visit her you'll love her.
WARNING: Mia's blog is ONLY to be read when you have time to spare. You will NOT be able to walk away from it.
Thank you, dear reader for your understanding, but mostly thank you SO much for your support. Book sales are awesome and I found out from my publisher that I am a best-selling author!
Until next time,


Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Best Selling Author ~ Wow. Look forward to visiting Mia. Enjoy the celebration of all your hard work!

High Heeled Life said...

Congratulations!!! That is an achievement worthy of a long celebration!! Enjoy ... and when is the next book coming out??? hugs.. HHL

Mia said...

Thank you so much for the Nov. HDOM award! I'm so delighted that you enjoy my blog--and many congrats to you on you your recent achievement!
Thanks again,

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

WOW! Good news for you and your family, but then I knew you would be a best seller! YAY! I am off to catch this new blog, thanks for the heads up!

Nezzy said...

Oh my hillbilly sister, I'm just tickled pink that your book sells are goin' great. I had no doubt!

The blog world will all wait on 'real' life adventures sweetie!

God bless ya and have an extraordinary day. Now go have a blast!!!

Beth Dunn said...

Have a great weekend and thanks for introducing us to Mia!

Rumana Akter said...

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Fluffy said...

that's so cool that you're a best selling author. that's what i want to be when i grow up. i'm actually writing a book at the moment. if you have any ideas or something i'd love to hear them :)