Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I'm Reading Now

The day after Christmas I plan on buckling down and working hot and heavy on my new manuscript to send off to the publisher. In the meantime I am using this lull in my schedule to do something I love even more than writing - reading.

"The Sufficiency of Grace"
Sara Fotopulos

Although this novel fits snugly into the Christian Fiction genre you will be sorely disappointed if you expect an "I-love-Jesus-so-ain't-life-grand-and-sunny" message. The plot is humanistic, coarse, and relevant. You won't be satisfied until you turn the last page and you, probably like me will come to the realization that the we need more Christian authors like this. I predict Ms. Fotopolus will be the "Jodi Piccoult" of this genre, the only difference being that underlying (but not too preachy) message about faith.

"Home to Roost - and other peckings"


Deborah Devonshire

Deborah, The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire is the

youngest of the much-celebrated and often times scandalous Mitford sisters of Britain.

This book is basically a compilation of her earlier speeches as well as scribblings from her diary. Most often very funny (I adore British humor) and sometimes heartbreaking as she opens up her journal to her feelings in the days leading up to the funeral of John F. Kennedy. (The duchess' brother-in-law was married to Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy and was closed to the Kennedy brood when Joseph, Sr. was an ambassador in England).

Please share what YOU are reading.

(Books make great stocking-stuffers.)

Until next time,



Becky said...

Right now I am reading Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers...I HIGHLY recommend this book. It is wonderful!
I will have to check out The Sufficiency of Grace. It sounds like a book that I would be very interested in. Thanks for the recommendation.

Becky said...

You asked what is I like about Francine Rivers...well...she has this ability to take a single scripture and mold into such a memorable story. She doesn't remove any of the biblical importance, but she uses historical research and fact to give more insight. She is a truly gifted author. My favorites from her are the first two books from The Mark of the Lion series (The Mark of the Lion and A Voice in the Wind). Those two books will change how you view the New Testament.
We can email if you want to chat more... becky_brum@yahoo.com

Bethany said...

Hello!! A blogger gathering sounds like a fantastic way to welcome 2011. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xoxo

Shermeen said...

I'm currently trawling my Amazon recommendations trying to find a new book to read. Just finished Catcher In The Rye and I'm thinking about getting Truman Capote, "In Cold Blood" next. We'll see. I was a really big fan of Jodi Picoult but I haven't purchased her latest two books out of fear that they would read just like the previous ones. I think I have read the majority of her books and after awhile, the characters start becoming too similar as does the plot lines. These days lot's of upcoming authors get compared to Picoult because she became such an overnight sensation. I shall certainly look up Sara Fotopulos on Amazon, see what she's all about xx

reneewriter65 said...

Right now, I'm reading "The Shack" by William P. Young. I'm about halfway through it and although some folks think it's sacrilegious, I disagree. Though I don't attend church and admittedly, my blog has some coarse language, my mama raised me right, as they say. I live by my faith and believe that God is everywhere and in everything. We gather in a church for the fellowship but those of us that don't, still talk to the Lord and pray, especially when we're in pain. Sometimes, He's the only one who can help heal a boo-boo. As for the book, I think it's a very refreshing way to get a message of faith to the masses. It provokes thought and ultimately, that can inspire folks. And really, isn't that what God wants to do...inspire folks? Love you Kathie!! : )

Shanda said...

Hello there, I just found out that you have a blog so I wanted to say hello. I also wanted to let you know that I purchased your book from Amazon after hearing a wonderful review about it on the Kathie Lee and Hoda Show on NBC. I love that show and usually try everything they recommend, from books to make up. They are both so funny and cheerful.
I am only on the 5th chapter of your book and already I am entrigued enough to sit here and finish it. My mom will love it, she reads alot as she doesn't have cable or Dish, etc. I am also from Missouri and I thought I read somewhere that you were orginally or maybe it was that you worked here at one time....can't remember, but anyway....hello.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday,

Katydid said...

I am reading False Victim by Kathie Truitt. Yep, I got my book yesterday (through Amazon). I stayed up until past 11:00 last night reading it. So as soon as I get my "chores" done I'm getting back to my book!
Kelly on the Bunderosa

Katydid said...

Loooved the book False Victim. I loaned it to my daughter and she said she could not put it down! Looking forward to the next book!

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Tickled Pink And Green said...

Love reading books by and about those Mitford sisters! I have most of Nancy Mitford's books.

Btw, I totally forgot to reply to your comment about you coming here for a book signing....when and where? I'll be there!