Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello, dear ones! I don't have time to talk today, but I did want to give you a 'heads up' on when the documentary is scheduled for broadcast.
For those of you coming late to the party, let me first of all extend a 'hearty' welcome!
I am a writer and my novel, "False Victim" (based on a true story) has been made into a documentary to be aired on the ID channel (Investigation Discovery).
The program airs 10:30 ET/9:30 CT on Monday night January 31st.
It's only a 30 minute program so those of you on the East Coast, don't fret - you won't lose too much beauty sleep (wink!)
You also need to know that the producers insisted we change our names since our stalker was never prosecuted.
Our names our Bob and Mary (original, huh?) and the kids names are Nicole and Tyler.
William (Tyler) has never discussed those years. I have tried on so many occasions to get him to open up and talk to me about it and he just refuses. As a matter of fact, he can't even get past the first few chapters of the book, so the reality of him even wanting to answer the reporters questions was amazing to me.
To say that we are eager to hear his testimony is an understatement.
While they will be showing pictures of our family during the time this event transpired, William's face will be blurred during the interview for his protection.
I am still waiting on the 'green-light' for the producers to start filming the movie version. That should be any day now.
Don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions.
Til next time,


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kathie, I went right in to a panic when it said - your show will go live in 5 seconds! I have NO broadcast experience!I had all kinds of things to say- I had notes... and I lost my mind and stammered. ugh! That is wonderful you will have a radio show! I can not wait to tune in! Will it be on blog talk radio? I am so very excited about the ID show!!!! I have been passing your book around and telling everyone to go buy it and read it!
Did you get my email about the show? I am not buggin' ya! I hope you don't think that.
How excited re you to have the movie made!!!! I am beside myself! I can nOT wait! Did you say it will be on lifetime?

Bringing Pretty Back said...

also Kathie, Have you seen the ID show yourself yet? I wasn't sure if they gave you a sneak peek.

Marydon said...

Kathie ~ How exciting ... how did I miss all of this! Well, looking into it all now for sure.

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Have a beauatiful eve ~
Hugs, Marydon

trash talk said...

Pretty exciting doings over here. I'm not sure if we get that here in Texas, but I'll check it out.
Perhaps this will be a catharsis for him...I'll be praying.

The Vintage Kitten said...

I hope it will be shown in the UK as we get that channel X

Susan said...

Thank you for the comment on Daily Prep's blog. Yes, I do read "Etiquette with Miss Janice" and oddly enough, I got the 411 from Miss Janice herself as well. She emailed me on that one and I was happy that the verdict was in my favor again, so to the nasty remark that woman left for me...HA! That's all I have to say about that.

Becky said...

How exciting! I'm looking forward to watching!

Nezzy said...

I will definitely put this on my calender. I'm one of those chicks who go to bed late and get up ungodly early. Who in the heck need sleep anyway!

This will be a must see for me!

Enjoy your day sweetie and may it be richly blessed!!!

Vickie said...

AWE.....I can't wait to see it! I appreciate you you trying to help Crystal and D. It's hard for them and I feel totally helpless sometimes! Love U!!!


Really interesting blog. I'll be checking to see if I have the channel for the documentary.
I'll be back to read more of your posts.
Thanks for sharing.
Yes, we all need more down time.
Blessings, Barb
Check out my blog about writing. Well, mostly about writing unless I'm on a tear about something else.
Writing: the ups and downs


I'm so absolutely stupid. I went back and checked the date and realized that the show was already on.
Will it be presented again????
Sorry I missed it.

megan said...

I do not have the channel to view your show last Monday, so tonight I surfed youtube to see if I could pick it up. When I googled it, it took me to Bringing Pretty Back and your radio interview.
I have just finished listening, you were terrific and you sound so young!! :)
I enjoyed the interview immensely and am sorry I could not view the program. If you know of where else I could pick this up, I would be interested.
Here's looking forward to your new book and movie.

Nezzy said...

Just poppin' by to see how you are doin' girl!

God bless and have a marvelous day!

Becky said...

The documentary was amazing! I think you looked beautiful, and as compared to the book, the story was "spot-on". I still think a Lifetime movie would be amazing...I heard a rumor that your story was being made into one. Is that true? Anyways, great job!

EFT Manual said...

Sounds interesting and great!

Rawai Guesthouse said...

Wow! Seems great! This post excites me.

Kty said...

I literally could NOT put the book down! Your Dad is my cousin..I'm Katy(Bell)Zeider..I first remember you as a beautiful 3 or 4yr. old..holding a little bag of candy & trying to explain to your folks WHY you weren't hungry! We were at Uncle Charlie & Aunt Drexie's at the time!..I'm wishing you Good Luck & God's Blessings..Katy