Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things are going to change around here. I mean really change.

I haven't liked the direction my writings have been going for quite some time now and I've been contemplating on what the problem is.

I have finally figured it out.

Remember the old days of 'Dixie Road trips', speeding through the Virginia countryside scouting for treasures, pictures of all the beautiful things along the way - a forever reminder of all the adventure (i.e. mischief) of the day. Think back to the light-hearted posts on all of the recipes gone wrong(and there were many), all the goofy mishaps, the moments that had gone awry in a crazy, Lucille Ball-like fashion, and hilarious misfortunes that just seemed to follow me everywhere. And I could laugh at all of it!

So what happened?

(Big sigh) For starters, Dixie is gone. She
crossed the wide Potomac River (and took my heart with her) and is now owned by a formerly vehicle-less family no longer at the tender mercy of the Washington D.C. metro transit system. Now instead of an occasional 'Dixie road trip' she is used every single day travelling at full throttle up and down the Beltway carrying her loved ones to work, school, and so I've heard, wonderful thrift-store expeditions.
I hear she's happy.

Dixie was my sole identity for a long time and because of her I was able to hold on to the last remnant of that 'fun, crazy, free-spirited' girl from the Ozarks.

I bet if Dixie's new family will listen very carefully on a warm summer drive when the windows are down they can hear the ghost of that girl's faint laughter softly echoing through the breeze....

Then came the book.

Oh yes, the book. A huge, wonderful, exciting, monetary blessing - but a sharp, painful, double-edged sword. Writing it was definitely not therapeutic.


it's hard to hate what brought me

not to mention selling the movie rights and the Discovery Channel Documentary that will play on January 31 on Investigation: Discovery.

But somewhere in the midst of all this exhilaration I have gotten lost.

My goodness it's so easy to let that happen in a big city.

It's the fast-paced, break-neck speed and I'm describing the pedestrians - not the traffic! Everyone is in a hurry, no one cares, no one smiles - all robots programmed to full speed, scrambling through a maze, pushing each other out of the way to get to who knows where- do not stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

When I stepped outside today it was not the frigid wind or the overpowering fuel fumes that took my breath away. It was the realization that the longer I stay here the more I become them.



I can not let that happen.

I will not let that happen.

Oh no....

I need to do less of


and concentrate more on


Oh, and most definitely,


So for the next couple of days you'll find me


my very, very favorite spot in the world while I wrap up my manuscript

"The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe"

I simply can not wait to promote this next book -

it is so much more 'me'

the real me

Happy, free-spirited



So, if you'll excuse me while I just take a little break, I promise to come back, re-freshed, re-cuperated, and re-focused on bringing back the good old days.

Oh, and some of you have e-mailed about that 'challenge' I talked about earlier.

I haven't forgotten!

Back soon!


Bethany said...

Oh sweetie! I understand how you feel. Sometimes this area seems like the definition of rat race. Why don't we plan an afternoon of looking at antiques in Frederick with a yummy lunch at Volt or the Tasting Room??? Hugs.

Gracie Beth said...

If I need you I know how to get a hold of you <3 (in a non creepy stalker way!)

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

OH! I loved your Dixie, and my Dixie, too. I don't get my Dixie out enough for adventures this time of year. (She really likes to plow through some deep snow, so next snow storm....we're out!)

I love your stories, you have so MANY good ones, have lived interesting places and met interesting people, too. I love you and your blog, and I'll be here when you get back, my friend!

Sherri Norman said...

You hang in there girly!We all need to take more "me" time, and God time, to get ourselves back on the right track. Enjoy your down time!Love ya!

Sue Giannotta said...

Enjoy your time on the sofa! Things change and so do we and sometimes we need a breather in between those changes.

AshTreeCottage said...

I am looking forward to reading all about your free spirited fun loving self ~ oh and I adore that vintage red truck too!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kathie, This makes total sense. I get it.
Isn't it wonderful when we know what our priorities are. WHO we are.
Have a pretty day!

bj said...

Oh, sweet Kathy, I do so hope your break brings back the UMMMPTH in your life.
You know, I do have your book. I will read it this winter, for front of a nice fire and a hot cup/s of tea.
I am sooooooooooooo excited that it is going to be made into a movie. I hope I don't miss it.
hugs, bj

Miss Gracie's House said... do have a lot going on...and do try to stay true to *your* calling...THANKS for the visit and sweet words at my place! and I LOVE the red truck!

Miss Gracie's House said...

I didn't answer you about my dd's dresses...the blue floral is one that my oldest dd made for her little sister for her graduation dress...the pink prom dress was on loan from the antique store. She definitely can pull it off!

Susan said...

Just found your blog.
Maybe not quite the same circumstances, but I too find that who I really am gets lost in everyone and everything going on around me. All it takes is a few days of me letting everything else go, finding myself in all the muck and the mire and then focusing in on my family. Each and every individual as well as myself. It all comes back and I'm who I'm supposed to be, no matter where I'm at. If the city is where you are, be in the city, but not of it. Does that make any sense?
I think it's possible to be in the world, but not of the world. Just sharing some pearls of wisdon that were shared with me.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kzthie, Can you send me an email? I need your email addy. I had it ... and can't find it!

Land Texas     said...

Thanks for sharing, its pretty cool. This year I'm looking forward to take a break and enjoy nature as I go for vacation, well maybe after I find some Land Texas. Anyway I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Kathie, your comment made me laugh out loud. I am chuffed you love me in a non stalker kind of way and may I also in a non stalker way say that I think you are so pretty and cute. (I dont usually do gushy and I have never said that to ANYONE in Blogland before. Well I have said it before but it was to you awhile ago LOL!) so you see I DO mean it...... No Kidding!!!! X

I will definately try and get out and about more in the countryside and blog about it just for you. At the moment it is dull and wet in the UK so just waiting for a sunny day to get out with my camera.....

I sympathise and totally understand you missing Dixie, I missed our old Mercedes Margo when she blew up and she was sold for parts. We still have 2 old Land Rovers (Suggsy and Betty) to pootle around the countryside, but it has to be warm as they are so rickety and very draughty.

Im sorry to read you feel you don't like the direction you are going. I see a beautiful, talented and successful woman and selling the movie rights AND another book impresses me no end!!!! I hope you enjoy your time away and when you come back I want to see you have had some new adventures and Lucille Ball moments (Maybe in Dixie number 2???). Take Care and lots of love TVK X

Beth Dunn said...

We all need and deserve a break and its easy to get lost from time to time

Nezzy said...

Good for you girl!!! Even your Ozark sisters who are tucked away in these Missouri hills and hollers can get lost in the busyness of life.

I do want ya to know I am more that thrilled that the book is success. I had no doubts.

God bless ya and enjoy your "ME" time, you deserve it my friend! :o)

Farmchick said...

You just relax and get yourself back! :) Come say hi when you have time.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just saw your comment on fox hunting on wasp101 and was really rather dissappointed. Are you REALLY that pretentious to disparage "newbies?" Without them, how on earth will the sport survive? Sincerely, a Keswick equestrienne

Kathie Truitt said...

Dear Anonymous aka as Kewick Equestrian:

Wow. You're right. I went back and read my remark and it did sound very pretentious. I apologize because you are correct - it DOES take fresh riders or else the sport will die. Rather than turn up my nose at someone who is interested in learning to ride they should be welcomed with open arms. My apologies again, 100% if I offended anyone.

I am absolutely 100% comfortable in saying I am the least snobbish, most un-pretentious person in the world...

Kathie Truitt said...

Anon -

I suppose the problem Ihave is not with 'newbies' per se, but it's the people I see who have never in their life had an interest in riding, they don't care about the horses at all - they just want to be able to say they 'ride' because they feel like it's the 'aristocratic' thing to do and will help them 'fit in' with a certain class.

These are the people that don't care about learning to saddle, or properly groom the animals feet before or after they ride, etc.

I hope this explains why I wrote that particular comment - once again, I am all for folks learning how to ride, whether it be for pleasure, eventing, foxhunting, cross-country or even rodea. But I hope it's for the right reasons - for the pleasure and love of the animal. Not to try to fit in at the country club.


Marydon said...

Kathie ~ We are going to try & make it on Sat. What time will you be there, please? Email me ~

You may wish to meet a very good friend of mine who is an authoress, you'd love her ~
Kelly A Harmon

Have a beautiful eve ~

Anonymous said...

Did the show end up being on ID on Jan 31st?? I watched but it didn't seem to be your story, but a different stalking victim. Maybe I'm confused.

Kathie Truitt said...

Yes, the show was on ID on the 31. That was me with the "Tammy Faye" makeup (wish they would've blended me a bit better).
It was probably confusing because they changed our names. Instead of Jay and Kathie Truitt, we were Bob and Mary Walker.