Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Saturday (March 5th, from 1-3) I will be in the beautiful maritime city of Annapolis, Maryland for my book signing.

However, this time it won't be the everyday, run-of-the-mill bookstore. No siree.
It's at Kokopelli.
Now, I love to shop in Annapolis, but this boutique is new since I last visited and after doing my research I am super excited about this venue.
Just look below at some of the items just waiting patiently for little ol' me. (You know every southern lady has to have her Brighton and Vera Bradley)

Kokopelli also has hats (be still my heart), jewelry, gifts and oh yes - books!

Oh yeah - this author is definitely looking forward to Saturday!

Family owned and operated for over 21 years, Kokopelli's purpose is to make shopping in our stores a unique and memorable experience.

Started by Jane & Ron Reifler in 1988, Kokopelli now has three locations: Columbia Mall, Towson Town Center, and now in Downtown Annapolis. Daughter, Jill Lehr, now also helps run the company.

Kokopelli sets itself apart from other stores by offering exceptional customer service and unique handcrafted and designed products from all over the world.

Kokopelli... the place to shop!

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Beth Dunn said...

I live for Annapolis (and the Pink Crab) and that shop sounds FAB