Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upcoming Book signings

Back from Vegas and Back to work (more on Vegas later).

Here is my schedule this week. If you have family, friends, and acquaintances in these areas please send them my way. In addition to this, I have an exciting week. I am having lunch with a fan who is going to be in Washington DC on Thursday.

I LOVE meeting you all when I get the opportunity.

Friday, April 1st

Red Oliver Books

307 Williams Street

Fredericksburg, VA

6 - 8 pm

Saturday, April 2nd

Barnes and Noble

Short Pump Shopping Center

Richmond, VA 23233


Gracie Beth said...

GF you need to come to Knoxville!

Becky said...

You must visit Oklahoma!

Nezzy said...

It's so good to see ya all booked up, that only means your books are flyin' off the shelves and your one popular gal!!! Congrats to you!!!

God bless and have a terrific Tuesday sweetie!!!

ADG said...

Kathie...email me please. Someone seems to have co-opted your msn email.


deedee said...

I have spread the word!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

wouldn't it have been GREAT if we would have been in Vegas at the same time!!!!!!!! DANGIT!
Have a pretty day!

Kappa Prep said...

When are you coming to Dallas or Minneapolis (I can send madre!!)??