Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not in this 'Lifetime'

Today was supposed to be one of those momentous occasions. My first day of my screenwriters class at Northern Virginia Community College. What? I didn't tell you that I'd planned to go back to school? Yessiree.

This is how it started. Lifetime, at the last minute decided to drop 'False Victim' as one of their projects. (And as for the villains in the book - I KNOW you read my blog just as you drop in from time to time to leave 1-star reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble - don't think I'm sitting home pouting about it. I STILL get to keep the money, thank you very much and as the Brad Paisley song goes, 'the more you run my name down the more price goes up i.e. book sales are strong'.)

Anyway, as I was sayin' 'Lifetime' decided not to proceed with the project. They do, however, own the rights until October 5th in which I can pursue other venues, but I probably won't. The fact is "False Victim" is very much a Lifetime genre. It's not a big movie screen plot, and it's a little too raw and 'psycho-drama' for Hallmark.

I did tell Anne, the producer, that I had other ideas for movies that I didn't necessarily want to put in book form, so she encouraged me to take a screenwriters course.

I was so excited to get started - I had looked forward to this class for months. So I get to campus a whole hour prior, drive around and around and around until I FINALLY find a parking space. I peruse campus for a while trying to acclimate myself to my new surroundings. Ten minutes before class starts I find my building. My heart is thumping with excitement. Here I am! ME!! Going back to class after all these years. Then my heart sinks as I see the 'class cancelled' sign.

((sigh)). Oh well. Worse things have happened. I just count it as a 'bad day at the office.'

I do have fun plans for tomorrow though. I am a member of the Salvation Army Ladies Auxiliary and each Wednesday we have tea at a different embassy. Tomorrow is the British Embassy. We're all wearing our hats so it should be a lot of fun. These ladies all know how to dress and while I'm really leary about posting pictures of my friends on my blog I will try to get some pictures to show you.

Until next time,



Becky said...

It's just a postponed first day...you will still have your day and I am so proud of you for going out of your comfort zone and going back to school.
And I would love to see some of those pictures!

~Crystal~ said...

I got wait to watch the movies you are going to write!

I would love to see pictures too.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

How disapointing! And YES! Tou your CREEPERS... You have a wonderful full and fabulous life!
Who has the direct line to the Lifetime "people? And a book on Amazon?Wonderful marriage and children...
Tea at EMBASSY's?
Have a pretty day!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

OH! And a writer of books and movies!

Farrah said...

How was the tea? Oh I would love to have tea at the British Embassy! I'm sure they do it "right"!

Azaleamum said...

I want to hear more about the tea party too. Nix Lifetime and the creepy villains. Like you said, you're the winner with the dough rae me!

PoetessWug said...

Hello! I'm a Poet from a neighbor blog. Just hit the "Next Blog" button and stopped to say Hi!! So....Hi! :-)