Friday, June 10, 2011

I love, love, LOVE questions from my readers! And this one is my favorite one of all time. It's from Miss Gina out west. (Did I mention how much I love your questions?)

"Kathie, how did you finally adapt to city life? Between work, traffiic, running kids back and forth to this and that I am exhausted! Not to mention the stress of the faster pace? How did you do it? Please help!"

Oh, sweet I remember those early days when I first moved to the Washington DC metro area. I had a perpetual headache for 3 months while I learned my way around the city and was scared to death I was going to injure someone or worse while I adjusted to rush hour traffic. Even singing along to my favorite Christian station often didn't prevent me from flipping off the cab driver laying on his horn and riding my bumper like a rented mule. I knew I had to do SOMETHING or I was going to commit hari-kari.

So, the first thing I did was start with my home.

I took down the fancy curtains and got rid of the uncomfortable, expensive furniture. Instead I decided to go back to the style I love - to surround myself with the things I had in my country home. So, go ahead - make yours as comfortable and tranquil as possible. DON'T listen to anyone else or style your place in the current fad - decorate with things YOU love! My favorite style is shabby-chic, or Victorian Country which is soooo not popular in my neck of the woods. You've heard the old game of 'keepin' up with the Jones'? Well, these people bring it to a whole new level. You have to resist that urge to impress others. Your home is about YOU and your family. I have nothing against fancy, schmancy houses - really, I don't. But that's just not what brings me comfort. For me, pile on layer after layer of lace, pink roses, and soft pillows. What brings you peace and serenity?

However, since I also live with 2 men in the house I have a room that's a little less 'girly', but still keeps to our country roots and our heritage of riding and the outdoors. (But if it was just me it would be nothing but pink and white all throughout....just sayin...)

I am very fortunate to have a big back yard. It's completely fenced-in so Sally and Violet have plenty of room to run. I created this little reading/writing nook underneath a tree so I can breathe in the fragrance of our flowers and sit out here and watch the fireflies light up the night sky - just like I did when I was a kid.

There is a busy two-lane highway that runs in front of my house, but nestled amongst the trees in my back yard the only thing I hear is the soft coo of a mourning dove, and other various types of song-birds that make their home in the huge maple tree that shades the above table. I feel like I am a million miles away from the beltway.

There are so many other ways I have learned to simplify my life and I've decided to break it down into several posts. Tomorrow I'll post about where I get some of my inspiration and how I was able to take that leap of faith and jump out of my comfort zone and live my life the way I wanted. Baby steps, Gina. Baby steps.

Til next time,


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Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kathie, I have never lived anywhere but in our little town. But... I understand what you are saying. You are a better wife than me! Our entire home will be PINK , white and girly!
But... it will be peaceful and homey. Tranquil and "home". That is what is important to me.
Hope all is well in your world!