Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well, summer is over. ((sigh)). School has started and all is quiet in this big ol' house. I was never one of those mom's that was happy to see September. As a matter of fact, if I had it to do over again I would home-school. Not because I think they would have had a better education (are you kidding? I can barely add 1+1), but because I could have kept them closer and never let them out of my sight.

This is tough for me, watching my last one grow up, knowing that he will leave me soon. I know if I have done my job right it's supposed to be that way, but still....ouch.

I feel cheated when it comes to Will. I spent so much of his childhood protecting him from a crazy, psychopathic stalker that I didn't get to relax and just 'enjoy' him.  Even though we moved and she didn't know where we were, it wasn't until he was about 14 when he had a growth spurt and his looks began to change that I began to relax a bit. And he's seems to understand that because unlike most boys at 17 he is never embarrassed to tell us he loves us or hug us in public.

When he was first learning to talk I would rock him to sleep each night - when his sister would let me (she was 10 years older and always thought he was hers) - I would look deep into his blue eyes and say, "William you are a gift." To which he'd reply, "Mama, I not a pwesent - I a boy!"

Oh sweet William, that's where you're wrong. You are a present. A precious, special, wonderful gift sent from heaven - as is your sister.

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Crystal Cattle said...

What a sweet post. It sounds like you have raised a wonderful boy. The description of yourself intrigues me. I am a country girl that has been in the city for a little bit, but it is time to get back on the farm.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh, what a sweet heartfelt post. Like you, I was not the kind of mom to jump up and down when the kids would head back to school. I was sad to see them go! Your Will sounds like a keeper...and don't you miss those days of rockin' chairs and sweet-smelling pajama'd babies?!

Beth Dunn said...

They are aren't they!?!
laughing at your comment on my blog. Greye is as tall as me, I was wearing sky high heels. Only put him in front of me to cover all the summer weight I've gained

Katydid said...

Hey Kathie,
First off I want to reply to your post on my blog. You said your home was white and pink. Girl, find your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy some white fake pumpkins and some pink spray paint and PAINT away. My daughter found a black pumpkin and painted large white dots on it and it turned out so cute. Anyway, I think pink pumpkins would be so cute in your home.
Secondly, I understand how you feel about the baby in the family growing up. Try to enjoy the last year(s) of your son being home and in high school. As you well know, time zooms by.

Nezzy said...

Awwww, what a sweet~sweet post. I sounds like William and his sister are the greatest of all gifts from above.

I have a grandson as tall as me who is filled with hugs and will still sit on my lap...we've gotta trade places soon! Ugh!!! Heeehehe!

God bless you sweetie and have a most beautiful day! :o)

Mrs. J. and Miss J. said...

Liked your post, we did home school and it was a joy to keep them around and have the fun of learning just as much as they did. It was still hard when they grow up and leave the nest. My son is married to a wonderful lady. I am blessed to still have my daughter at home. Unfortunately, we too had a stalker and I had to keep my son close because of it. There is 9 years between our son and daughter. Our son had gone to a public school for a year and a half before we started home school. What a blessing and gift from God they are.
Mrs. J.

High Heeled Life said...

Children truly are blessings. We do not have any (not by choice) ~ but are blessed with wonderful God Children, and nieces and nephews.

Also wanted to let you know I had a Random give-away over at my blog and your name came up as 1 of 3 winners.. pop over for a visit and see. xo HHL

Falling Off A High Heeled Life


Indeed a nice post. Children are gifts of God. I have got a grand son and grand daughter growing up and I enjoy every minute with them

Nezzy said...

'Just checkin' in...have a great weekend!!!

Miss Gracie's House said...

What a sweet post...they are here and then in a blink, they are so anxious to fly the coop. I did homeschool but it is still over all so quickly...I feel your heart.