Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Miss Merry Christmas 1979,

Savor this moment. You're Queen for the day and all eyes are on you - which will never happen again for the rest of your life.  Enjoy the red velvet dress. You're going to want one very similar for your wedding  and your mother will nix that idea right fast.   

You think you're going to live in this little town all your life but you won't. You know that boy you've got you're eye on? The one you think doesn't know you exist? You marry him.

The two of you will ride off into the sunset and have wild, crazy adventures. You will have dreams come to fruition that you thought were beyond reach. No, you won't run off to New York and become an actress, nor will you be a back-up singer in Nashville, but you will have a great radio career, and you and said boy will have two of the most beautiful children known to mankind.

But right now, you're future is the furthest thing from your mind.

So go ahead and wave to the crowd, blow kisses to the babies and think to yourself that this is the best Christmas ever. You'll find out soon enough that it's nowhere close.

In a few hours you'll remove your tiara and gently showcase it on a mantle never imagining that 30 years from now your granddaughter will be wearing it while trying to balance herself in your too-big silver high-heels, brandishing a foil-wrapped spatula/wand.

You also have no clue that the boy driving your car whom you barely know will 25 years later become delirious in his 'old age' and tell folks that you two had an imaginary romance along with a kiss that never happened. No problem. You will squelch that ugly rumor in December of 2012.

Til Next Time,



Chanda said...

Ahh Kathie, that was jsut beautiful and almost made me cry. I guess I am alittle senamental and missing my dad today bu this was a very awesome post. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Becky said...

What a neat memory and a fun way to share it with us.

bj said...

I love this, Kathie..
Thanks so much for letting me know about your new book. I will get it.
xo bj

sherri norman said...

Kinda like the Brad Paisley song," It's hard to see past Friday night"? Aren't we glad we don't know the future, we would miss so much of the present! You were beautiful then, and beautiful now! Happy Holiday's to you and your family. See you in January!

C'est moi Claudette said...

Well I'll be. You have a great blog, great sense of humour, great smile and you are beautiful!!! And you have a book!! How on earth do you keep up with this great blog?? Love your fur babies too. I like that they can take over your blog when you are away : )
I must say that a ride in a rickshaw in N.Y. is an adventure for sure. Glad you had fun. How did you like WICKED?? It's it wicked? lol.
We live in Canada, and the border to N.Y. State is about an hour away, then we drive towards Albany, then the Tapenzy Bridge, then we get to the CIty. We usually go once a year. LOVE it, but now enjoy Soho more than Times Square. Ever since Tavern on The Green closed, it's just not the same : (
It's been a pleasure meeting you Kathie.
I will admit, in a nice way, because you did mention that your blog does need a make-over. I'm sure whom ever you hire will make it a "KATHIE" blog.
It's snowing like a typical Canadian day today. Cold and stormy brrrrrrr
Thanks for coming by to say hi.
Love Claudie

Bring Pretty Back said...

Oh Kathie- You are just so great with words! That is why you are such a fabulous author!
Have a pretty day!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Sweet post! I loved it!
Happy New Year!

Miss Gracie's House said...

p.s. I wouldn't think it was *too* weird if you showed up on my porch :)

Amish Stories said...

Happy new years to you. Richard

Lady in blue said...

i guess you have a lot of readers that actually know you in real life. well, I don't. I guess the Miss Merry christmas 1979 is you.
well, I wasn't even planned by then. I'm probably today in the age you were back then.
But even without knowing you this post made me tear up and i have this urge to tell you how great this story sounds and how great it is written.

Kathie Truitt said...

Aw sweet Lady in Blue...thank you for those kind words. Yes, the photo is me way back when. If you're my age that I was back then then I'd like to tell you that these are nowhere near the best years of your life. Welcome to your life and all the wonderful things your future holds!

Farrah said...

This is neat! Its awesome that you relize how blessed you are. Hugs girl, you are an inspiration!

Beth Dunn said...

That is SO freaking CUTE! Love that you wore that dress. Kathie if you really want to take an ad out we'd love to know by next monday. If you want to make a small donation that's great too. Either way think about it and let me know. email
Thank you!!!