Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A note from Sally

Dear readers,

Please forgive Mom for her sporadic writing. She asked me to fill in for her until she gets back. Her life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks and while I know she is having fun, I miss her like crazy.  I hope she doesn't mind that I've uploaded a few pictures to show you what she has been up to.

First, she hosted a luncheon at our house for some of the finest ladies in Washington, DC.  Why, I've never seen such beautiful, well-dressed women! I wanted so bad to get a closer sniff look, but unfortunately Violet has a tendency to yap-yap-yap- when we have company, so I was put in charge of staying outside and tending to her.

Then, Mom (and Dad) were invited to judge the Mrs. Missouri pageant. Mom used to be a Mrs. Missouri, you know - waaaayyy back before I was born. That's her and Dad behind the new Mrs. Missouri - on the second step.

She was back for just a few days before she flew off to Indiana for a speaking engagement. (Mom always talks with her hands.)

She also did a book signing while she was in Indiana. She had fun, but I know she missed me and she got home as fast as she could! 

For about a month, our life was back to normal. Plenty of hugs, lots of belly-scratches, and long, long walks.  But then.....

Mom was off on another adventure and she took Dad with her again! This time they were gone for almost two weeks! Two weeks! It was their anniversary so they went sailing in the Bahamas. Dad is an awesome sailor, but Mom? Well, from what I hear she sits on the bow and dangles her legs over the side, looking for dolphins. Poor Dad.

They're home now, and right now she's upstairs resting, getting ready for her next trip - New York City!

Which means I am going to be responsible for taking care of this little squirt again. But that's okay. Mom has promised me that I am going to get take a very long road trip with her after Christmas. A very special road trip to a very special place!

Until next time,



Marydon said...

Too cute, Kathie. You've definitely got wings on your heels.

Merry Christmas

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh, Sally, you are the dearest little dog! And your mom, oh, just as cute as a button, what a BUSY lady! I know your daddy is happy that you take such good care of your mom, what a good girl!
With lots of ear scratches,
(your friend from Michigan that you haven't yet sniffed...)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Sally...give your Mom a hug from me and tell her I am wishing her, you and your family the most wonderful holiday season!

LuLu Kellogg
Eastern Shore, Maryland

trash talk said...

Tell Mom she better not leave you alone too long or you'll be writing your own book and having paw signings of your own!
Oh...and tell Mom she still looks like a Mrs. MO!!!
P.S. BTW...you might want to check. I think Mom might have wheels on her rear!

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so thrilled ya did this for both your sweet Mama and us!

It's good to see the 'Hillbilly' is flyin' high!

Give her a big of Ozark hug from me and tell her she is missed.

God bless ya and have a fantastic day!!!

BTW: Book giveaway...my place, ya'll come. I'll leave the door open and a pot of cider on the stove. Heck, I'll even throw out a big old platter of fudge!!! Heeheehe!!!

randommusingslady said...

Sally, your mom is the sweetest little thing to let you do her blog! I know she's pretty busy but then with her talents, I'm not at all surprised. She'll love you up when she's finally able to sit down for a hot minute. lol Give her a big ol' hug from me? Thanks! : )

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Anonymous said...

Such a clever idea to allow Sally to fill in for you during your absence! Sally did such a good job, I didn't even suspect she was a canine until I got to the comment she made about belly rubs...and then I thought hmmmm??? lol! I'm a dog lover myself and have a 9 year old extremely spoiled Pomeranian, Sophie who doesn't even realize that she's a dog! lol! I'm sure you can relate with this, as if I were to guess, your 2 "girls" are as much a member of your family as Sophie is of ours! Also, I enjoyed your "Miss Merry Christmas" blog. I didn't win the title, but I was the candidate for my class during my Junior year at Eldo high school. For me, it was a big honor just to be a candidate....so I can totally relate with your article and how much this honor had meant to you at the time!
Another "chic" hick! lol!