Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dixie Road Trip with Sally...

Remember Mom promised me a while back that we'd be taking a special trip - just me and her?  Well, we packed up the truck and drove for 2 days til we got to Nana's house in Southwest Missouri.

We spent the first night in a terrible, nasty motel. I couldn't even sleep! I stayed awake all night just to watch over Mom and make sure she was safe. Then we got up early the next morning and drove for another day.

"Just be patient," Mom would say. "All this time spent in the truck will be worth it, just wait and see."

Oh boy! She was right! Grandpa had 80 acres for me to run and play in! No leash! No traffic! And no noisy cars or trucks!

Are you sure, Mom? Are you sure I can run ahead of you without a leash?
Mom didn't have to tell me twice! Off I went.

This is the only place in all of Cedar County, Missouri that Mom got phone service. So while she did business, I roamed


and here.

Nothing like drinking fresh water from the stream.

One tired dog.

Please join us tomorrow for pictures from Mom's Southern Living Dixie Road trip.

(Note: Mom's Southern Living Road trips are when we go visit some place that has been featured in Southern Living magazine)


Marydon said...

Beautiful countryside Kathie. Looks like you are both having a grand time. Be safe.
Have a great eve ~

Phyllis Lines said...

Isn't the cell service in Cedar County wonderful. I used to have problems too when I had Sprint. I finally switched to AT&T because I would drop calls about a mile from my house - IN TAMPA no less. I don't have near the problems now. Glad you had a good visit in Eldo.

Anonymous said...

Love the countryside. Love the dog, very cute.

Nezzy said...

Just like 'Fivel' the mouse, I can hear Sally yellin' "Freedom, Freedom" from here. What a happy pup!

Now the mention of Cedar County isn't somethin' I run across everyday in the blog world.

Have a terrific day my friend! :o)

Anonymous said...

I REALLY need to get back to Cedar County to visit my brother. Glad Sally had such a good time. It's nice to go back to clean country air and just listen to...nature. :)


p.s. for some reason, I'm not able to use my Random Musings blog ID but you know it's me. lol