Wednesday, January 4, 2012

'Make Living a Wonderful Art' -

my mantra for 2012 and my challenge to each and every one of you!

This year my goal is to encourage you to turn your life into a beautiful, magnificent piece of art that is a reflection of who you are - or who you want to be.

"But Kathie, that's impossible for me. I have a demanding career, bills, obligations, kids...I sit in 2 hours of traffic, only have time for take-out, no one in the family has had clean underwear for 3 days and my boss just assigned me a new project that is due tomorrow. I barely find time enough in the day as it is to get everything done."

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and I can assure you, my dears, that if this is the case with you, then you need this challenge more than anyone! So ask yourself these two question: Am I living? Or just existing? 

 With all due respect to Shirley MacLaine I believe we only get one go 'round in this old world, so we need to make it the best 'go-'round' possible.

(For you young-uns, Shirley MacLaine is an actress who is probably more memorable for her belief that she's lived 'other lives' rather than her movie roles. Oops! Forget I said that! My other goal for the new year is to curtail my smarty-pants comments - my bad!)

Each week I am going to give you ideas on how I incorporate little things into my life to beautify the mundane of the day to day. And I look forward to YOU sharing your ideas with ME!

So let's get started on a few, shall we?  

I know a lot of you wives and mothers out there who are on the go a lot rely on take-out. I'm not judging you. Yes, I work at home but there have been times I've been on a deadline, lost track of time, or just simply didn't want to cook so I either call out for Pizza or I go and pick something up.

But please, if you do that resist the urge to just slop the food on paper plates! I hate paper plates! Yes, I know they are convenient and yes I know they make some beautiful ones nowdays but they're just so...impersonal. And tacky. Life is too short to eat on paper plates with plastic eatery. No matter how hectic our life has been I have always tried to set a proper table. And although the photo above is more casual, I am also a stickler for using my china. I never wait for a special occasion to use my 'good' china and silverware! Get over that thinking!! Every single day you have here on earth is special so don't wait to use the best you have.

(these roses lasted almost two weeks!)

Keep fresh flowers! Although my favorite thing to do is support local florists, if you're on an absolute time-crunch and can't make one more stop, most of your grocery stores have fresh flowers. They're not expensive and if you cut them and put them in water as soon as you get home they last a long time. I almost always buy roses, cut them down and place them in Mason Jars and tie a ribbon around the top. It adds instant elegance to any room and of course everyone will enjoy the frangrance.

Something else that I got into the habit of the past year is setting aside a 'tea time'.

Every day at 3:00 I stop whatever I'm doing and make myself a cup of hot tea. I have a collection of over 20 tea cups that either my mother has picked up for me or that I've found at thrift stores and I take joy in drinking from a different one every day.

See? Nothing major. Nothing expensive and nothing too hard. Won't you take this challenge with me?

And I would LOVE to hear what some of you are already doing to make YOUR life a wonderful art! Please share!


Sharon said...

A very important thing that I try to remember to do is give away--lavishly. Nothing makes someone feel richer or promotes a stronger Living-Well Feeling than making a gift--even a simple gift like harvested seeds from the garden or a bit of honest praise or support to someone who has supported you. Or even, for that matter, to someone who hasn't!

High Heeled Life said...

LOVED!LOVED this post ... 2012 is my give it all I got to transition from existing (which I have been doing the past 5 years -recovering from my- should have been fatal- accident) to living.

I've recently started taking tea at 3:00 pm and stop what I may be doing to thoroughly enjoy it's tranquility.

Being a transplanted "city gal" to the country... I'm learning country boots are not so bad, especially Hunters (a girl still needs to stay in So I'm getting outdoors more... and can't wait to get in the gardens in spring.

I can't wait to read what you'll be sharing next week! Blessings, HHL

Kathie Truitt said...

Sharon, that's fabulous! Would you do a guest post on 'giving'?

And HHL - I didn't know that you'd had an accident in the past? Then you really and truly understand that each day is a true gift.

trash talk said...

You know Kath...I had been resting on rusty dusty so much of 2011 and didn't even realize it until the morning of New Year's day. It's like I woke up from a nap that would rival ol' Rip V.W. and felt energized...alive...rarin' to go. I've got my box of jumbo crayons and I'm ready to paint the world red...but first I'm gonna clean my house...right after I have a cuppa!

randommusingslady said...

Not sure how I'll manage it but I thought I'd get back into my art. Used to draw all the time but now I think I'll try my hand at water color. Maybe get a good camera and take nature shots, then do them in water color. If I'm any good at it, I'll send you a nice 'country' looking one! : ) p.s. just got home from work and am enjoying a nice cup of Earl Grey w/cream. Mmmmm!

Becky said...

I love this idea and I think I will expand on it and say that I need to focus on my family having dinner at the table together. We are couch eaters. We need to turn off the TV, eat together and enjoy some family time, even if it is only a few nights a week.

sherri norman said...

Love this! One of my sweet daughters made the comment the other day that she liked to "leave people better than she found them"! Love this! Whether be with a kind word,a smile, or something they have a need for, I know it makes my day better to make someone elses better!

Nezzy said...

Does paintin' your toenails count? Heeehehe!

Dang if I've not become a forgetful old lady. I meant to Email you yesterday. I guess I got distracted...happens easily!

Answer to your question...we were hitched in the 'New' Stockton Christian Church.

God bless and have a great weekend sweetie...emailin' now.

Beth Dunn said...

I do try to use real linens and china when we eat. And I love fresh flowers!

Katydid said...

I hate to use paper plates too! I have so many dishes/china that I have collected and I love. What I need is a couple of extra china hutches so I can just stare at my dishes.
Anyway, I totally agree with you. Life is too short to not froo-froo daily living!