Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Release Date!

Here are a few pictures from 'The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe' release party held at Glory Be in Occoquan, Virginia.

(Me in front of the store)

There was a nice crowd to meet me when I arrived-

Discussing the plot/answering questions

It was such a nice, steady turnout


a surprise visit from Jennifer Papula, one of the main characters.

Jennifer is from the Bronx. I'm from the country. Can you say 'culture shock'?  And probably just as much for her as it was for me.

I dunno why, but I thought it'd be fun to 'southernize, slow-her-down, and redneck her up' a bit, but still keep that same sassy attitude she's famous for.

I love her character, however please keep in mind that's where the similarity ends. It's important for you to know she is not an adulteress - she wanted me to make sure y'all know that!

(When you read the book you'll understand)
Don't forget to leave a comment to win these here red boots...giveaway is April 1st.

Boy Howdy - I have a million and one exciting things to tell you but it'll have to wait.

I don't like to bore you with big, long, drawn-out posts, so check back often.


Lilly Forever! said...

Congratulations Kathie! Looks like a wonderful party! I wish I was closer, I would have been there with my cowboy boots on! Having read your book, I know it will be a great success!Keep up the good work!

fGs said...

How fun! Congratulations Miss Kathie!

megan said...

Great party Kathie. Congratulationa!!

Beth Dunn said...

Wonderful pictures!

Barbara Taylor Minton said...

Still just getting to know you... but I'm having fun doing it. Congratulations on your new book. I'm still trying to get around to reading your first one. (Does that disqualify me for the boot contest?)

MouthyBarberMom said...

Looks like you all had a big time!! Congratulations!!

Mrs. Z said...

LOVE the new blog and can't wait to read the book. and the red boots are TDF!!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Stopping over from Nezzy's to congratulate you on your book release. The title is fantastic!

I'd love those boots too ;-)

Cheers, jj


Nezzy recomended you and here I am. Congrats on the book. Those boots look mighty fine. They wouldn't come in wide calf size, would they? take care.

HI girl said...

Just got the book and it looks great!
Now locking the door to the bathroom and sinking down into a hot bath to begin your book!

Michelle said...

I've recently found your blog and love it!

Michelle said...

I've recently found your blog and love it!

megan said...

What a thoughtful gift Kathie, hope you share some of the recipes when you have time!
I have never worn a pair of cowgirl boots in my life but would love to own those sassy red ones and surprise my husband for our special anniversary.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I wear size 5. . .IF I win the boots!!! I'm just lettin' ya know!!!! lol