Friday, March 9, 2012

Southern Living Dixie Road Trip

For those of y'all new to the 'ranch', every month I pick a place that is featured in Southern Living Magazine and take a Southern Living Dixie (the name of my truck) Road Trip to see for myself what all the fuss is about. And honestly? I can tell you that I have never once been disappointed.

But will today be that exception? 

This trip I only had to roam about 11 miles from my own house to Occoquan, Virginia to Mom's Apple Pie Bakery, named by Southern Living as one of the top ten pie shops in the south (January issue).

I've driven by Mom's at least 100 times in the past 11 years I've lived here, but I've never bothered to stop in because....well, frankly I'm kind of snooty-patooty when it comes to pie. You see, I use my Grandma Drexie's crust/pie recipe and while the end result may be ugly because I can't make a pretty crust if my life depended on it,  I guarant-darn-tee you mine will be the best pie that's ever melted in your mouth. Besides, no respectable, country, southern mama that loves her family would be caught dead bringing a store-bought pie into her house.

But upon reading that Southern Living had named this admittedly, sweet, quaint little shop - (don't you love the old-fashioned front porch?) one of the best pie shops in the south I jealously thought, 'hmmm...I'll be the judge of that'.

I'll give the place extra points for a homey-farm-house feel.

Have I ever mentioned that I love old church pews? Well, I do...but I resisted the urge to sit my lazy carcass down and enjoy the beautiful spring-like day in this lovely little village that seems miles from a big city (it's not).
No time for that. I have a job to do.  I indignantly marched right through the front door only to be hit head-on with the most wonderful, breath-taking aroma of fresh pie coming out of the oven.....
But I refuse to be taken in so quickly. I am no 'pie' fool. Smell doesn't mean  a thing to me....

However, the olfactory senses weren't the only thing in over-drive. Eye candy everywhere! I felt like I'd been transported back in time to a small-town combination bakery/five and dime. There was so much to see I didn't know where to turn when suddenly I focused on these babies....

It just wouldn't be a southern bakery or pie shop without moon pies. Home-made moon pies! Oh my! It was all I could do to resist. But I did! Next time I come to town, though,  I'm stoppin' in for a grape pop and moon pie and chill out on that church pew! But not now. Right now I was on a mission.

And it didn't include cookies, although these are 'bout the cutest ones I've ever seen

These glass containers are filled to the brim with a huge variety of candy, and this vintage cupboard looks just like one you'd see in Grandma's house.

This old wooden Indian reminded of that 1950's Hank Williams song "Kawlijah"

This gorgeous antique fridge does a fine job of keeping it's contents cool - Virginia wine.

This was my favorite of the day, though. I seriously love this piece so much that I wanna marry it! I promise, there will be two things I own before I go to meet my maker - a 1950's Chevy truck - and an old Coca-Cola machine just like this one! Oooohhh yeah.

The crew at Mom's is very proud of their Wall of Fame. Seems this winter's issue wasn't the only time Southern Living had sung their praises and even Country Living thinks 'Mom' is the cat's meow.

These ladies were catching the Amtrak to Florida and decided to stop off and sample the famous pie. Time for me to do the same. Sweet Sharon, above, behind the register, recommended the Blackberry.
(By the way, Mom - yes, there really is a 'Mom' - grows her all the berries on her farm just down the road a bit in Loudon County.)


 It was time..the moment I'd been waiting for. It's pretty enough - much better-looking than my pie crust, I must admit. But I still feel guilty for bringin' another woman's pie into this house. To me, it's 'bout on the same level as bringing another gal's husband home.
But I remind myself that it's for a good cause. It is, after all a Southern Living Dixie Road Trip and it is my job, after all, to test and report back to you.  Besides, I usually bake apple pie and this is Blackberry. Heck, I don't even have access to Blackberries, so I guess it's not really cheatin', is it?

Anyway, here goes.

Does it or doesn't it pass the 'Hillbilly Debutante' taste test?

Judging by the empty dessert plate, what do you think?

Good choice, Southern Living!

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite kind of pie is and you'll be in the drawing for the red boots to be given away in April!

And if you're one of my readers in the Washington, DC area, you definitely need to stop and pick up your favorite sweet at Mom's Apple Pie Bakery in Occoquan, VA or in Leesburg, VA.

Tell 'em the Hillbilly Debutante sent ya!

Til Next Time,



Ginger said...

I hafta say, my all time fav-o-rite pie is Blackberry. Also, I NEVER eat my pie with ice cream. I hate to sully good pie with anything.

Katydid said...

I love pie! It is my all-time favorite dessert! I even tossed the idea around of opening my own pie shop. My husband says my pecan pie is his favorite! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I want to win the boots!
Kelly (BQ)

Debra Lee said...

I'm a Coconut Cream Pie fan but any will do in a pinch!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I want that Coke machine! Oh law! I remember drinking "short" Cokes in the glass bottles when I was just a wee one!

This place looks fabulous! I can almost smell it!



Great post. Love pie and love Southern Living almost as much. Well, that was a lie.
But I do love pie.
And esp blackberry. Good choice. I'd say it measured up. I like my own pies as well but often one out is a treat.
What a fun shop to mosey around in.
While I'm here, I'll mention that I just published my first novel on Kindle at Amazon as an ebook. It's free this week end.
If you don't have a Kindle you can download the reading app free on that site and read the book for free.
Sorry for cluttering up your site with my words. But it's a down home book and I thought you might enjoy it.
Writing: the ups and downs

Vada Faith

Anonymous said...

My favorite pie very own apple pie!! Yeah, I know, it's kinda conceited. But after years of trying, I got the crust down cold. And my mother in law is rather snooty about pie as well. When SHE makes a comment publicly how good the pie is and especially the crust? Well, I know I've done a good job. Btw, I'm a Co-Cola Fuh-reek! Someday, when I'm rich and semi-famous,I want a 50's diner in my house, decorated ENTIRELY with Coca-Cola memorabilia. Kathie, you're a girl after my own heart! (p.s. I'll send you a shot of the Hillbilly Debutante tattoo when I get it...complete with the little red boots!)
Random Musings Lady~Renee

Summer Says... said...

My all-time favorite pie is Buttermilk - My grandmother made the best and I'm doing my best to formulate a close second.

Beth Dunn said...

I love church pews too! Looks like an adorable shop

Nezzy said...

Oh girlfriend, I hear ya on the store bought pie.

Before my DIL, The Latin Lovin' Hillbilly, married Geed Son I baked one of my famous chocolate cream pies. Flaky crust filled with creamy chocolate fudge puddin' and topped with rich whipped cream and shaved chocolate. It's a masterpiece I tell ya.

I carried the decedent dessert in to serve and Miss Latin pipes up, "oh good...a WalMart pie. WHAT!!!

So now when I serve up my chocolate pie I always say, "I made ya'll a WalMart pie! Heeehehehe!!!

I adore the coke cooler too. It reminds me of the one those sisters had at Filly's General Store.

God bless ya sweetie and have a magnificent day! :o)

Anonymous said...

My favorite pie is my Mom's homemade pumpkin pie. I am so sad that she is unable to make her specialties any more. I will always have the memory of them, but also the comparisons!

Brandi Church said...

That store looks so cute! Your pictures made me hungry, in fact, that I think I'm making pie this week :) We will probably have banana cream pie, because Livie loves bananas. Thanks for sharing!