Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Question from a Louisiana Reader

"Okay. I need some Hillbilly Debutante style advice. We have been invited to a 'Cowboy Themed' wedding. I have NO idea what in the world to wear. Did I mention this wedding is in Texas? In June?? I don't want to do the typical denim skirt, plaid shirt, cowboy boots thing. I already have a pair of the English riding boots. I'm just at a loss as to where to from there. You are Country Chic personified so I bow to your wisdom.  G from Louisiana"

Give me an idea on your style. Are you glamorous/preppy/casual/formal?

"Casual preppy, maybe? I LOVE my tees and converse, but have been known to wear a cardigan and a cute pair of flats for a night out with my darlin' husband."

First of all, G I want you know I am jealous as all-get-out that you're going to a cowboy wedding in Texas, and second of all - this is easy as pie!

The number one thing you need to always, always remember is that   cowboy boots go with everything!

So let's start with the basics; I'm gonna guess that as a southern girl you probably own a few shift or sheath dresses. These are perfect and here are a few examples of the one and only sheath dress I own.

However, if it were me I'd be proudly sportin' this get-up right here

But I where was I? Oh yes...a sheath dress.

It's just a simple boring dress that happens to be bright red. Just add funky jewelry and some cowboy boots and voila!

Add a lace shawl to add more 'oomph' ala Magnolia Pearl style

This pink number with ruffles around the collar needs no jewelry. Just add cowboy boots and you're set.

Replace adorable sandals guessed it! Cowboy boots!

Once again...replace cute flip-flops with cowboy boots.

Notice a pattern here?

Yes, you can! 
The only rule?
 Make sure dress or skirt doesn't go (at least not too far) below the knees.

Even this elegant number can be worn with cowboy boots. Depending on how dressy you want to look or maybe since you prefer 'simple' either wear a small pearl necklace, or skip jewelry altogether and let the boots be your focal point.

I hope this helps! 

And if any of my 'preppy' friends have any more advice on how mix/match the preppy and cowgirl styles, please chime in on the comments page and feel free to leave a link.

Oh - and G! Have a great time!! We'd love to see pictures of what you finally decide to wear and some sneak peaks of what the  bride/groom and other guests are wearing.

Til next time,



MouthyBarberMom said...

And THIS is why I bow to your style expertise!! Thanks so much for the help. I'll be sure to send ya pics!!

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fGs said...

I would do a cute polka dot dress with pearls and boots and if she can find one a fitted jean vest. A smile is a best accessory!


Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! A REAL hitchin'! We went to a hitchin' a couple years ago that was outside. The bride and groom were hitched under a horseshoe arbor, dogs were runnin' round and guests brought horse trailers filled with horses for the ropin' after the BBQ'ed reception. I wore a jean scort with a cute country top! It was hot as all get out that day!

I sure hope your friend has a blast and I adore your beautiful 'countrified' suggestions Miss Kathie!

God bless and have a great day!!!

BTW: Mother of the Groom wore jeans, jean jacket and boots!

A real hitchin' I tell ya! :o)