Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The MOST Romantic Night Ever

....and I just happened to be there.

It all started last Thursday night when I helped a friend celebrate her birthday on the dinner cruise Nina's Dandy.

(Nina's Dandy on Potomac River in front of Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument)

While said friend and I were chatting, I noticed a lone couple on the dance floor, totally oblivious to the rest of the diners.

Lord forgive me, but when I saw him drop to his knee I could not contain myself. I did what any writer wanna-be reporter worth their weight in gold would have done - grabbed my phone and started snapping pictures. 

He looked at me like I was some kind of nut, and I, in my best tabloid-reporter voice said,

"Don't mind me - you're going to want pictures of this, trust me!"

So, ignore me he did....

He proceeded to pull out a little box with something shiny,

and then popped the question...

She said 'yes',

and then obliged as I took a picture of her beautiful ring!

I love my job!

And congratulations to the happy couple.


Farrah said...

How sweet!

Have you seen Miss Janice's post about you? Go look!

AlphaBetsy said...

How amazing to happen upon such a happy event. :)

Becky said...

You did a good job getting those pictures for them...I mean how many of us actually pictures from our proposal...not many. I will be coaching my kids to have a photographer with them...hehehe.

Bethany said...

Adorable! They're probably thrilled to have pictures!!


I'm just seeing the blog for the first time today! AMAZING! You blessed us so much by being there and capturing our special moment. I don't know of anyone who has pictures of the proposal. Thank you again so much. I just bought copies of BOTH your books.


Me again...My name is Pamela Angel Jeter and I'm the women in the picture who got engaged to Howard Charles Denker that wonderful night. I'm Howard's Angel and he's my Knight in shining armor! God bless you Kathie. I can never thank you enough.