Saturday, May 26, 2012

Have you ever been to Annapolis, Maryland? 
If not then you really need to put that on your bucket list! 
It's a wonderful vacation destination. You're close to Washington D.C., Baltimore, and a few hours from the beaches in Delaware. Only about 4 or 5 hours from New York City, a little less than that to Philadelphia.

I live about 30 miles from there and go about 3 or 4 times a year. 
I know I write a lot about rural areas, cowboy boots and horses, but I also love all things nautical which is exactly why Annapolis is one of my all-time favorite towns.

Old Town Annapolis is extremely charming and sits right on the bay. 

When I need something other than cowboy boots, rubber boots, or boots of any kind for that matter, I head to Annapolis to shop. 

There is a great Lilly Pulitzer store (The Pink Crab) there. Another favorite is Kokopelli and I'll be doing a book signing there Saturday, June 16th from 1-4.

But for sailing, of course boots just won't cut it.  That's when I count on my favorite salesman at Sperry Topsider.


Drew, above, thinks I should go for the leopard print, however I think I might look just a tad bit ridiculous wearing those on the boat..

Although, I love the traditional Sperry's, these caught my eye.

Even though they're cute, they're still functional. I won't slip-slide all over the boat. Now,I don't want to give you the wrong idea about me and sailing. I usually dangle my legs over the bow and watch for sea life while hubby and his friend do all the work.
I have, however, agreed to take sailing lessons this summer. 
Pray for me - and for anyone else on the boat because I'm the most uncoordinated woman in the world and that has to be extremely dangerous for all involved.

Anyway, back to those cute shoes. My grand-daughter Sophia is a 'shoe-gal' herself and I couldn't wait to show them off to her.

She takes one look and says, 'Gamma - your shoes don't match.'

Oh well. You can't impress everyone.


Tracy said...

Hah, I love sperry topsiders as husband laughs at my obsession but oh well, I could have worse vices. I have never been to Anapolis but it looks quite fun!

Anita said...

just found you from Aunt Ruthie,,,, yes I have been to Annapolis.. my son went to USNA. awesome place. Enjoy reading your blog.

MouthyBarberMom said...

I guess matching is a big deal to Miss Sophia.

Lilly Forever! said...

I love your Sperrys! I have been to Annapolis many times. I would always spend time there before going to St Michaels. I just love that area!

Emily said...

Love The Pink Crab!!!

loveseat sleeper said...

Hillbilly Debutante
God Bless you, Cause I found just what I was looking for. I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too

LuLu Kellogg said...

I heart those shoes!!

I love Annapolis too but just don't get over on that side of the bridge too much. I avoid that side of the bridge like the plaque during this time of year. Beach traffic is a nightmare!!

Love ya Girlie!!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

p.s. Could you see me in a Lilly Store? The would lock the door if they saw me coming...*giggle*