Monday, October 29, 2012

Bring it on, Sandy

The meatloaf is done. 
Roast with vegetables? Done.
Veggie tray, pot of beans, bread, cinnamon rolls, crackers with various cheeses and savory spreads. Ready.
 Cookies? Of course.

It sounds like we're having a big party, huh?
Well, we do have company. 

Hurricane Sandy.

We  have firewood so we can reheat stuff in the fireplace if needed, but I've also tried to prepare food that doesn't taste too bad cold, either. I picked up four bags of ice - enough to keep two coolers full of food. And I've calculated enough food to keep us going for a week if the power goes out.

And I'm predicting the power will go out at, oh...let's say, about 8:00 tonight. It's 3:46 right now.

Looking outside from the picture it just looks like your average, dreary, rainy day, huh? 

But au contraire.

The wind is howling and at different times at least one of these trees looks like it's going to break in two.

Candles and matches are at the helm......

so I can read these.

Poor Violet.

She is now completely blind due to diabetes, and the wind/rain combo has been very traumatic. I decided it would just be easier to put a diaper on her.

Sally, of course loves the cooler weather and doesn't mind the rain,  but since our back yard is flooding (oh joy!) we have to put her leash on and take her out to the front.

My rubber boots are getting a workout.

It's all good today - I kind of enjoy being tucked inside all cozy and comfy. But by Wednesday I am going to have cabin-fever big time. 
Pray for me. Better yet, pray for my family that has to put up with my antsy pants. It ain't pretty.

Til next time - batten down those hatches!
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Chanda said...

Watching every second of it on the tv, can't seem to do much else. Praying for everyone in its path.

Farrah said...

Y'all stay safe! Big hugs girl!

MouthyBarberMom said...

Be safe Hunny!! Keep us posted when you can!!


Beth Dunn said...

LOVE your boots. So cute.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Girl, I have to say you've been on my heart. You OK???

I know the East Coast is gettin' hit hard to day with the cold side of the storm. You take care, my Hillbilly friend.

The combines are runnin' full speed here. I hope to get back to the blog after harvest is wrapped up.

'Just so much goin' on....'Just so much one gal can handle!!!

God bless and stay safe sweetie! :o)