Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good Fortune

Yes I am.

As a matter of fact the 'place I'm going in life' now is to the beautiful town of Warrenton, North Carolina for a speaking engagement/book signing.

Funny thing about that? My early ancestors founded this town.

My family was one of the first families in Virginia. They eventually moved further south in what became North Carolina.

My 7th great-grandfather Edward Jones was in the first House of Burgesses. He died on the house floor during session and a vigil was held in his honor the following session.

I'll be sending two days there and will be doing something I've never done before.

I am sssooo psyched about this. 
Promise not to laugh when I tell you what it is?

I'm staying in a bed and breakfast. 
Yes, I know. 
I'm the last remaining American to never have done this. 

I have been in such a 'writing funk' lately.
 Every week I get asked when the follow-up to 'The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe'  is coming out and I'm ashamed to say I haven't even started.

Maybe the Ivy Bed and Breakfast will give me the inspiration I so need right now.

Til next time,



Penny @ The Comforts of Home/From Harvest To Table said...

Well poo! You are in my state but far away. Are you heading towards Asheville at all?
p.s. I have never stayed in a B&B...

MouthyBarberMom said...

I've never stayed in a B&B either.
Have fun!!

Nancy Stanley said...

Have a wonderful stay at the B & B, I have only stayed in one, many years ago. I think you will love it!

Bella Michelle said...

My husband and I have become B&B junkies. I hope your stay is wonderful and you have safe travels!!!!