Monday, October 8, 2012

Steven Lagos at Neiman Marcus, and All-Access Fashion Show for Make A Wish Foundation and Ladies Who Lunch

I have been busier than a one-harmed paper hanger.
  Actually I once knew a one-armed paper hanger. 
But anyway....
I have been having way too much fun going here, yonder and everywhere when I should be working on my follow up 'Hillbilly Debutante Cafe' novel. 
Writing is a very lonely job.

So when I got the invitation to attend a breakfast/trunk show with famous jewelry designer Steven Lagos I couldn't get there fast enough! 

I love his look - especially those Steven Stolman-type spectacles. (He has a pair in every color - how cool is that?)

I bought this little guy right here. 

But I'm saving up for this bad boy right here. Gorgeous. I am addicted to anything sparkly, but if you're the more subtle type he has some beautiful pieces you need to check out here:

My beautiful friends

The breakfast and trunk show started at 9:00 am but the early hour didn't deter a one of us from trying on every single piece, oohing and aahing, and burning up the cash register. 

 Steven is such a gentlemen. He spent an equal amount of time with every woman there.   He didn't just try to 'sell' us jewelry. He took an interest in what was going on in our lives, our families. It's so cliche' but he was actually just a really nice guy.

Who just happens to be a magnificent jewelry designer.
My kind of guy.

Hillbilly on the left/Debutante definitely on the right!
Jackie is a supermodel here in DC. She walks almost every single fashion show - and there are plenty.

Do not believe what you read/hear in the press. 

Washington DC women love fashion! 

lunch in Annapolis, Maryland
 Cheryl, 60, on the left, Katharine 85, on the right with the funky, spiky young hair cut. Both are fashion consultants for the Carlyle Collection (both ladies offered their ages - I would never ask!)

I don't want to offend the young women, but I have to tell you that in DC it's the 'over 50' set that have the monopoly on style and elegance. 
 These are women that still dress up just to go to the grocery store.
I love that.

I saw this lady when I sat across the runway from her at the All-Access Fashion Show a few weeks ago. 
That hair!!
I practically chased her down at the reception.
She graciously posed for a picture. Isn't she lovely?

And of course it made me ask the question, "Why do you spend so much money every few weeks to get your roots done"?

 "Forget it sister. You've tried that before and it ain't pretty". 
That's my voice of reason talkin'.
Yes ma'am. Gotta love that 'voice of reason' - which also tells me I can't wear the leopard print leggings I saw on the young models on the catwalk.

Oh well. I bet they can't pull of a pair of cowboy boots like this ol' girl here, either.

Til next time.


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MouthyBarberMom said...

Okay, I actually try to be halfway cute when I leave the house. Most of the time anyway. I DETEST seeing pajama pants & (Heaven Forbid) Crocs when I'm out shopping. How hard is it to throw on a pair of jeans & a cute tee along with some powder & mascara?? (End rant)
Love the elephant necklace!!