Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Future Staring Straight into the Face of the Past

I couldn't help but get misty-eyed standing outside the door to my 6th grade class. This is where my whole outlook on life and the way I saw myself completely changed.

For five years before I entered this class and six years afterward I often heard that I was 'too loud', too boisterous, too disruptive, too talkative or always 'too something' that was never too good of a description.. In a nusthell I'd never amount to a 'hill o' beans' because I could not (Lord knows I tried) be quiet in class.

At eleven years old I never dreamed that walking through this door I would meet the lady that would open up my eyes to a whole new world. The world of writing.

No longer was I 'too loud, talktavie, disruptive'....instead I was 'creative, imaginative, entertaining.' Mrs Tittle not only laughed at my jokes but she insisted I write them down.  She encouraged my writing by supplying me with tablets and creative writing workbooks. I wanted so much to please her that I'd write for hours on end and hand my 'masterpiece' in to her. At Christmas she suggested I turn my Santa Claus story into a play for the class. 

Speaking of Christmas, she gave each of us a hand-made card with a written poem inside. Mine said, "Reading and writing are her favorite game, one day Kathie Bishop will be a famous name."

It was emotional to stand here after all these years. I wished it was possible to open that door and reveal to the 6th grade me the woman she'd become.  Just allow me to make eye contact, offer her a simple smile. Surely she would recognize herself in me and understand that there is a big, beautiful world out there that doesn't care that that she was the last one picked in kick-ball. A world ready to embrace her 'differentness', her 'uniqueness'.

 Instead, I walk away. And while I know it's only my imagination, I swear I can almost hear the class clapping - with Mrs. Tittle clapping the loudest - as the 'actors' in my Christmas play take their final bow.

When/What was YOUR defining moment? Did someone change your life in an extraordinary way? I'd love to hear about it.

Til next time,
Kathie (Bishop) Truitt

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Southern Living Dixie Road Trip

Remember your challenge for this year? To "Make Living a Wonderful Art"? I hope you are really, truly finding the simple beauty in everyday life. In keeping with this theme I've decided to visit at least one business that is featured in each month's Southern Living magazine. 

So, last week I packed up 'Dixie Red' my pickup truck and travelled 'cross country with my dog best friend Sally and headed to Springfield, Missouri to PFI Western Store.

Y'see I've been in the market for some cowboy boots and it just so happens that Southern Living named PFI as one of the top 10 places in the South to buy 'em.

I always announce on Facebook when and where I'm going be some place, so when I arrived at the store - 1100 miles from home -  imagine my delight when I saw these lovely ladies waiting for me!! Meet Victoria, Shirley, Twila and Jackie. Thank you ladies!!

Here are the beautiful PFI girls holding February's edition of Southern Living.  Can you believe they didn't even know they were named one of the top 10 southern 'Boot-iques'?

This cutie is Trae, but I called him Mr. Patient while he allowed Sally to roam around the boot section and helped me try on 12 million pair of boots before making my decision. By the way, Sally was really the star of the show that day. Everyone, young and old alike, stopped to pet her and talk to her. She loved all the attention!

Even Randy, the owner, didn't know he was being featured in the magazine. Love that smile when I showed him the article!

Paul Patterson aka Bootdaddy, me, owner Randy Little, and Sally

My brand-spankin' new red Nocona's and Dan Posts's (with the crown draped over them) proudly displayed with my trusty worn-out brown Justin's.

What a wonderful day! And congratulations to Randy Little and all the great folks at PFI Western Wear in Springfield, Missouri.


Until next time,