Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ix-Nay on the A-Gray

According to my new hairdresser (Dinh @Salon Cielo in Tyson's Galleria), I will not be going gray as previously planned. Instead, I shall remain a fabulous redhead (his words, not mine). 
At least for a while.

sparkly sweater: H & M, denim shirt: Old Navy, gold bracelet: Michael Kors

This 'upper half' is all your gettin' from me on outfit of the day and I tried to position my head so you can see my new cut in which the only real change is in the back. I'll try to take pictures of the sides and back later (I just know you can't wait. Why yes. I am stalling for time because I have writer's block about writing anything significant, thank you very much)

It infuriates Jay that I take pictures like these. 
"I spent almost $1500 on you a camera and a stand and yet you insist on taking these stupid photos with your iphone.'

Yes, dear. I know. I love my camera. I really do. But. I can never get the camera to stay 'put' in the stand.

I am going to have to call my good photographer buddy 
Joe Cereghino.

He recently moved down the street from me (how convenient) and he knows everything there is to know - Hello, Joe!

 shoes: Ivanka Trump (Bloomingdales)

This is so hard for me. I'm not crazy about having my picture taken. Here's what's crazier and just something about me I'll bet you didn't know. 
I used to teach runway models how to walk and  teach photographic models and beauty queens how to stand during photographs. So, I know how it's done. But I feel weird doing it. Go figure.

Anyway, very soon I am going to try to start taking pictures again with my Canon.
And remember when I was going to do my own documentaries?
I still can - IF I can figure out how to edit/upload.
Oh Joooeeee....

On to other things....

So Beth Dunn, fellow author and writer of the blog 'Social Climbers'

Beth Dunn
(shamelessly stolen from her facebook page)

commented yesterday that she needs some ideas for '365 Days of Random Acts of Kindness'. She said the only thing she really knew to do was what she always does: just smile and be sweet to everyone she meets. 


That's exactly what you're supposed to be doing, Beth.

A smile goes a llloooonggg way. I'm a huge believer in smiles being the best act of kindness.

I've always been a 'smiler' myself. It just comes natural. I go back and read comments from my yearbook and most of them are about me always smiling. 

A few months ago I was at a meeting and I guess I was smiling and not even realizing it because someone walked up to me and said, "What's that fake smile about?"

It kind of put me back for a second because this was someone that really felt that they knew me.

And I just thought, "Wow. Has it been that long since I've smiled naturally?" I'm going to say that yes, it probably was. And it feels good to be that person again.

So Beth girlfriend, I say 'embrace it'. That's a wonderful gift to have - it doesn't come natural to a lot of people, and that's okay, too. Everyone has different gifts. 
Mostly, the purpose of our one year of RAK is to get as many people on track as we possible can to being nice, or at least civil to each other.
I think we're just naturally inclined to want to pay it forward when someone does something nice for us.

We'd still love to hear ideas, though. Nothing's too small - so please, all of you out there feel free to leave 'ideas' in the comments section.

Til Next Time,



Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Becky said...

Redheads ROCK!

Farrah said...

I think you look cute! I was a model a few years ago and I cannot take a good photo anymore. I think that may be more my insecurity than anything.

I wrote on your FB, but I have allowed a person with less groceries than me to go in front of me in the line. Today I let someone turn ahead of me. I texted some relatives to check on them. This is just for 3 days. This is fun! Thanks for the idea Kathie!

Beth Dunn said...

AH! I'm so glad I'm doing something nice. But I really want to do more. I'm going to brainstorm and get back to you