Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness to Someone Who Doesn't Like You

I used to live across the street from a young lady that I was very fond of.  Actually, we liked each other from the start and we formed a fast friendship. I love that girl to this day and I really miss her at times.

Trouble was, her husband had a reputation for being rather moody. When he was in one of his moods he had a tendency to not be very nice. When I was visiting one day, per his wife's invitation, mind you, he was very offensive.

I didn't say anything in front of her but when I left to go home I asked him if I'd done something to offend him. Nope, I hadn't. He was just in one of his moods and decided I was the closest to take it out on. 

I don't take bullying very well. Scratch that. I don't put up with it 
at all.

Funny thing is regardless of that incident I could have stayed friends with his wife. 

But she decided she couldn't.

Our friendship died that day.

We moved shortly thereafter and I never heard from her nor saw her again.

That was five years ago.

I keep most of my on-line shop inventory in a separate room in my house. The particular dress that I have pictured above has always been on the dress form and I pass by it every day. 

My friend - her name is Christina, by the way - adored that dress. She had even asked at one point if she could purchase it from me. I reluctantly turned down her offer because even back then I had the idea of "Hillbilly Debutante".

Incidentally, no one has ever loved that dress as much as she did. Every time I've walked past it for the past five years I have remembered that.
So, I decided to send it to her. 
No strings attached.
No expectations whatsoever.

It wasn't an olive branch or a matter of 'reaching out'. 

It was simply me not being able to walk by the dress without remembering how much she loved it.

So, I wrapped it in tissue paper, folded it neatly and took it to the Mailboxes and Parcel store in which she lives directly behind. Rather than charging me $20 to send it literally around the corner, the guy behind the counter said he'd deliver it for $10. 

I took great pleasure in doing something that I know made someone else happy - even though I know she doesn't like me.

That doesn't matter. 
Actually, at this stage in my life, my heart is pretty hard to who likes me and who doesn't.  Part of growing older, I suppose. 
And it's one of the many parts of growing older that I like. 

Til Next Time,



Anonymous said...

I think that's fabulous! And you're right about the getting older thing. I don't much care what folks think anymore. I like me just fine...and I seem like you too!! ~ Renee. ; )


What a cool dress and what a cool thing to do. Congrats.

Polwig said...

To say that she does not like you is to minimize the situation. It is obvious that she liked her personal life to stay hidden and the exposure made her uncomfortable. I hope the dress will make her strong enough to deal with her unhealthy maybe even abusive marriage.

Becky said...

That was very kind and I hope she appreciates the kindness. But you also had kindness given to you by the post office...kindness two fold

~Crystal~ said...

Let us know if she ever reaches out to you. I'm curious!

I'm thinking of doing a little kind thing myself. It's been stirring in me for a bit. You just pushed me towards it a little closer.

Farrah said...

I'm loving this Miss Kathie! You did an awesome thing. It's a gift to the both of you. Xoxo