Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sparkle, sparkle

 'If it sparkles at night, then don't wear it during the day'
Ah...I still hear those famous words from 'Madame M', (instructor at the prestigious finishing school I attended) as I slip on a piece of gaudy, sparkly jewelry - at 8 am.
Proper or not, sometimes I wear them just to 'jazz' up a plain, simple dress.
I bought this little sweetie on a trip to Vegas. I balked at the $150.00 price tag but with the shop owner chasing me half a block I ended up with it on my wrist for a mere $15 which now makes me VERY happy because see what's missing?

Uh-uh. Because for $15 a few stones missing is rather charming. You might think it's vintage from my grandmother or something like that. But at $150 it wouldn't have been the least bit cute.

Same thing with this one. A few little stones missing and I just noticed from the same exact spot. Gee. I guess I'm just rough on jewelry.
Maybe it's because I wear it during the day - therefore more wear/tear.
Oh well. I don't care. Life is way too short to not wear the fun stuff every chance you get.
So go put on your sparkliest 'whatever' and seize the day!


Sandra said...

Amen! XOXO

Marcia said...

I love your observations.

Anonymous said...

LOVE you are posting agaub!

clarice said...

love this post, also great bracelet!