Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Starting over. And I mean O-V-E-R!

As I mentioned in my last post which I wrote over a MONTH ago (hanging my head in shame), we have moved. Not only did we move, but honey we got rid of everything.
Only 3 family heirlooms made the transition.
Call it what you will- mid-life crisis, depression, laziness - but every time I even thought about cleaning that big ol' house (something I used to love to do), I would sit in my favorite chair and cry.
After 2 weeks of this ridiculousness I called an Estate Sale company to come in and sell everything. We then packed our clothes, the 3 aforementioned family pieces and moved our behinds to a small luxury townhouse community.
No yard to mow.
(And no furniture but that's for another post!) 
A private garage.
An engineer at my beck and call every time something makes a funny noise or breaks.
Sheer! Heaven!
But wait. If it feels that good to downsize and simplify, then what else can I do to make my life easier?
Well, since you asked....

After .
That's right. I got a 'buzz cut'.
On the left is the day of the cut and on the right is about 3 weeks later.
Yes, I know what you're thinking and the reason why is because I was sick to death of going in for a root 'touch up' every 4 weeks  and yet the gray just kept coming faster and faster. I thought, why fight it? I am a middle-aged woman with gray hair.
I own it.
So, the next time I went for my appointment with Dinh at Salon Cielo in Tyson's Corner Galleria (McLean, VA), I instructed him to buzz it and get the bleached color completely out. He did. Reluctantly.
Tears stung my eyes as he removed my cape and I stood up to look in the mirror but I didn't want Dinh to think he'd done anything wrong so I put on my brave face and quickly exited.
But later that night as I walked Sally (black lab mix) in the hot, humid 98-degree-weather at 8:00 pm it felt so good to not have hot, sticky hair clinging to my face.
At that point I loved it and I didn't care how good/bad the new me looked.
And that $150 I save every month on maintenance ain't half bad either.
Til next time,


Farrah said...

I know you've had a big adjustment, but you're taking it head on. You go girl!

Gracie Beth said...

Ok so you know me and you know I am blunt but I like the buzz cut better than your last haircut!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/From Harvest To Table said...

LOVE the new do!!!

Jeanie O'Brien said...

Kathie, I love it!!! I told your Mom the other day, every time I see a pic of you, it's like looking at her!! And Sweetie, that is a compliment. I miss you!!
Love ya, Aunt Jeanie

Visionaria said...

The new haircut looks fabulous, very modern and edgy/sexy.