Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sparkle, sparkle

 'If it sparkles at night, then don't wear it during the day'
Ah...I still hear those famous words from 'Madame M', (instructor at the prestigious finishing school I attended) as I slip on a piece of gaudy, sparkly jewelry - at 8 am.
Proper or not, sometimes I wear them just to 'jazz' up a plain, simple dress.
I bought this little sweetie on a trip to Vegas. I balked at the $150.00 price tag but with the shop owner chasing me half a block I ended up with it on my wrist for a mere $15 which now makes me VERY happy because see what's missing?

Uh-uh. Because for $15 a few stones missing is rather charming. You might think it's vintage from my grandmother or something like that. But at $150 it wouldn't have been the least bit cute.

Same thing with this one. A few little stones missing and I just noticed from the same exact spot. Gee. I guess I'm just rough on jewelry.
Maybe it's because I wear it during the day - therefore more wear/tear.
Oh well. I don't care. Life is way too short to not wear the fun stuff every chance you get.
So go put on your sparkliest 'whatever' and seize the day!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just another day in Paradise

 Mr. Truitt is a FABULOUS husband but doesn't give a flyin' flip about taking good pictures.
Oh well.
Try not to focus on the tacky condo building in the back.
 top: Ralph Lauren, shorts: J Crew boyfriend, shoes: Tommy Hilfiger bag: Dooney & Bourke
Off to the post office to mail copies of 'False Victim' and 'The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe' to a charity auction.

That's it waaayyy in the background. Yes, there are parking spaces right in front but I probably won't get a chance to swim or go to the gym today so this little excursion will have to suffice.

Same Ralph Lauren blouse, Gap boyfriend pants, cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger and YES, my hair really does grow 'straight up'
Easy changeover for work from the boyfriend shorts into their work-appropriate relative, the boyfriend pant, and then grabbed a light cardigan as I ran out the door
Outside it may be hotter than a witch's tit (as my granddaddy used to say), but inside my office it feels like wintertime. 

Belt buckle: C Wonder
Hope you're having a great day and enjoying your last few days of summer.
Til next time,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Tour Over - Back to Work

Did I tell you I renewed my Real Estate license?
I sure did.
So, Book Tour is over and now it's back to work.

dress: First by LA

Since my new boss would probably freak out over my
 'Hillbilly Debutante' outfits I thought I'd break out something a bit more professional but still 'hip'.
You will not see this girl in business suits. No siree Bob. I can not do business suits.
I just can't.
I'm not saying I won't ever wear my cowboy boots to work, but I thought I should give her a little time to get to know me. To see the 'serious' side of me (that's hard to say without laughing. Me? Serious?)
However, I can seriously say these shoes are ultra comfy. 
I trotted all over the uneven cobblestone streets of Old Town Alexandria without twisting an ankle which is a feet feat in and of itself. Go ahead an laugh. You know you want to.
Til next time,

Starting over. And I mean O-V-E-R!

As I mentioned in my last post which I wrote over a MONTH ago (hanging my head in shame), we have moved. Not only did we move, but honey we got rid of everything.
Only 3 family heirlooms made the transition.
Call it what you will- mid-life crisis, depression, laziness - but every time I even thought about cleaning that big ol' house (something I used to love to do), I would sit in my favorite chair and cry.
After 2 weeks of this ridiculousness I called an Estate Sale company to come in and sell everything. We then packed our clothes, the 3 aforementioned family pieces and moved our behinds to a small luxury townhouse community.
No yard to mow.
(And no furniture but that's for another post!) 
A private garage.
An engineer at my beck and call every time something makes a funny noise or breaks.
Sheer! Heaven!
But wait. If it feels that good to downsize and simplify, then what else can I do to make my life easier?
Well, since you asked....

After .
That's right. I got a 'buzz cut'.
On the left is the day of the cut and on the right is about 3 weeks later.
Yes, I know what you're thinking and the reason why is because I was sick to death of going in for a root 'touch up' every 4 weeks  and yet the gray just kept coming faster and faster. I thought, why fight it? I am a middle-aged woman with gray hair.
I own it.
So, the next time I went for my appointment with Dinh at Salon Cielo in Tyson's Corner Galleria (McLean, VA), I instructed him to buzz it and get the bleached color completely out. He did. Reluctantly.
Tears stung my eyes as he removed my cape and I stood up to look in the mirror but I didn't want Dinh to think he'd done anything wrong so I put on my brave face and quickly exited.
But later that night as I walked Sally (black lab mix) in the hot, humid 98-degree-weather at 8:00 pm it felt so good to not have hot, sticky hair clinging to my face.
At that point I loved it and I didn't care how good/bad the new me looked.
And that $150 I save every month on maintenance ain't half bad either.
Til next time,