Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adventures with Chuck (and Ralph Lauren) Day 2

If you read yesterday's post then you know that Chuck was expecting great pomp and circumstance upon landing at Washington/Reagan. I'd planned to have a group of friends go with me to greet him (and Mom) at the airport but then remembered he absolutely hates to walk very far so scratched that plan. Instead, I simply pulled up to the curb and loaded their luggage. I wish I'd had my camera out to record his 'green' face and somber expression on what Mother described as a 'pretty turbulent descent' onto the runway. (Since the nation's capital is close to the flight pattern I have a theory on the reason for the strong wind....but we won't get into that now.)
I think the disappointment of not being greeted by the Welcome Wagon dissipated when these two squealed 'Uncle Chuck is here!' They were also very excited to see 'Nana' (my mom) but remember?

 She's not really 'here' as we're trying to give Chuck the experience of being here by himself. So, Mom is 'hiding out' at my daughters house. With MY grandchildren. Getting MY hugs, MY kisses and MY attention. She could have at least pretended to be disappointed that we're ignoring her. But, nnoooo......
Anyway, fast-forward to our apartment and this is what the Guest of Honor did all night.
He was pretty engrossed in his game of Piano Bar.
But he did break his concentration just long enough to inform me that the state bird of Alabama is the Yellowhammer, that the Bluebird is the state bird of not only Missouri but also New York and Louisiana's state bird is the Great Brown Pelican. And also that Connecticut has 3 'c's' which as far as he is concerned is one  too many.
'It's pronounced 'Conn-e-ticut' so why that 'c' in the middle?' that you mention it.
In the meantime, Sweet Sally has not let him out of her sight.
The way she treats sweet, so gentle. It's as if she knows.

Today it was a special lunch with his favorite nephew, William.

During lunch Chuck tried out a few of his 'new' jokes - 99.9% of them made up by him, no less - on William.  Of course Chuck is thrilled beyond belief if he elicits a laugh. You can tell by the photo that he was successful. It was a very 'happy' lunch.

Next on the agenda? Picking up a few things at Ralph Lauren in Georgetown. Let me just preface this by saying he was none too excited. He hinted that he just wanted to go back to my place and finish his computer game or finish reading Ralph Emory's autobiography. Now, don't get me wrong. I love country broadcasting legend Ralph Emory. But no way does he compare to Ralph Lauren. (Sorry, Mr. E).

He started to pout. I quickly re-directed.
"Trust me, Chuck.

He did.

Good grief! Before you could say 'Polo' he found all kinds of things he couldn't live without. Why, you'da thought the whole extravaganza was his idea.
Ralph Lauren, should you ever stumble upon this blog (I'm sure he peruses the internet daily for cool blogs to pass the time) I want you to know I can not sing the praises of Jordan and his staff enough.
Jordan, who happens to be one of the managers treated Chuck like he was a VIP customer. I am most positive when he saw Chuck 'target customer' did not even enter his mind. But yet he was amazing.
In case you don't know this about me take note: I judge people on how they treat the less fortunate. And all I can tell you is that Jordan is an angel. 

He helped Chuck find the right sizes, escorted him and his merchandise to the fitting room and get this - laughed at every one of Chuck's stupid funny jokes.
Bonus for Jordan? Chuck bought every single thing he tried on!
Nothing for me today but my reward was seeing John West, a long-time, well-respected employee of Ralph Lauren. The man has amazing style and a beautiful home. I introduced myself and told him I was one of his, um..I mean followers on Twitter.

l to r:  John, Chuck and his new bff, Jordan
I'm pretty sure that today Chuck got a  taste of what it's like to be a Washington, D.C. VIP.
But oh, ain't seen nothin' yet.
Stay tuned my friends.

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