Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The REAL Sugar Jones AKA 'Adventures with Chuck'

If you've read my novel "The Hillbilly Debutante Café" then you are in for a treat.
(If not then please rush out to your nearest bookstore, upload your Kindle or order from Amazon - puh-ronto!)
Because over the course of the next few days you'll have the opportunity to meet one of the characters - a real, true-blue character.
You see, the beloved Sugar Jones, was very much based on my special needs brother, Chuck.
My fans LOVE the character of Sugar.
 So, if you have read the book and are a 'Sugar' fan, then the answer to your questions are 'yes' and 'yes'. And 'yes' again.

Yes, he really does have the same capacity with numbers possessed by Raymond in the movie Rain Man.
Yes, he absolutely memorized the phone book and called everyone in town on their birthday.
(Warning: Chuck has a new cell phone and he can remember the phone number we had when we was a toddler in a neighboring town. Just sayin...)
And yes, he most certainly did bite a huge chunk out of the dash of Mother's brand spanking new 1980 Pinto.
No, he has not solved any 'town mysteries' because after all the plot line is fiction. For the most part. I mean, the cemetery chapter where someone is digging up a body is true. And the part about the radio station owner and newspaper owner hating each other is definitely true...but I digress.
Today is about Chuck. And the day after and the day after.
He is due here (DC-Reagan) in about an hour. Mother is coming with him but only as a matter of formality. We were all pretty leery of him being on a plane by himself so we made her come along just for the ride. I'll drop her off at my daughter's house and she has to stay out of sight because we want Chuck to feel like he is here on his own. Because although Chuck may not be like the rest of us we know he wants the same thing that other men his age want.
My biggest fear was that he'd be cramped in the middle seat with a plane stuffed to the gills with people that wouldn't appreciate his natural inquisitiveness - which is actually just a nice way of saying 'his non-stop questioning'.
"What's your name. I'm Chuck. I just had a birthday. I'm 47. Do you have a dog? No dog? How 'bout a cat? You do have a cat? What's the cat's name? Why do you have a cat and not a dog? What's the matter - you don't like dogs? Do you have brothers/sisters? Do they have dogs? How old are you? I'm 47."
We all love Chuck and are used to it but unfortunately you just don't know how other people will react. So just to be safe, Mama came along for the ride.

Because I'd hate to have to hunt someone down that was mean to him.
I've done it before.
Truth be told the whole town of El Dorado Springs, Missouri has spent many years protecting Chuck. I guess he's pretty spoiled in that way. Which could be why he hates to travel.
Why would anyone want to leave a place where they were loved, babied, coddled and protected? Beats me.
But out of the blue he decided he wanted to come to DC to see us.
So in about an hour my 'Adventures with Chuck' begin. I'll be documenting it with lots of pictures, and of course I'll be writing about it so you can follow.
He told my mom that he thinks the whole city of Washington D.C. is going to be ecstatic to see him.
And by golly, SOMEHOW, I'm going to pull that off!
Wish me luck.


sherri norman said...

Tell Chuck I said have a great time! Tell DC to be nice to him! Love ya, enjoy your visit! Sherri Norman

Tammy B said...

I hope Chuck has a wonderful time in DC.

Kathie Truitt said...

I will Sherri. Gary is still in our prayers, too! And Tammy B thank you very much! Today we go shopping at Ralph Lauren in Georgetown. THAT should be VERY interesting. And tomorrow night we have something that planned that will DEFINITELY make him feel like everyone in Washington DC is glad to see him. Stay tuned.

Carol Keith said...

Kathy, I am not much of a reader but I will be keeping up on #adventuerswithchuck. You are absolutely an amazing person/sister. Can't wait to read more. Bless you!! P.s. Watch out DC, Chuck is there.

trash talk said...

I want you to take Chuck to the House and introduce him to a few of our...ahem...learned representatives. Then instruct him to start asking questions and don't stop until they answer. Maybe he can get some honest replies for a change!
I've got me a hunch Chuck in D.C. could make one heck of a book.
P.S. I'm in love with Jordan!

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