Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Last Ball Gown

(Disclaimer: I've been really sick the past few days and as soon as I get my voice back I will film "The Hillbilly Debutante Café" Q & A session for 'False Victim' Thank you for all the great questions! You will have your answers very soon.)

Today I loaded up the last of my luncheon suits and my very last ball gown to take to the Salvation Army.
I'm not even the least bit sorry to see them go.
Sure, I took a quick drive down Memory Lane as I gingerly folded each one, placing them gently in the bag. Each garment has beautiful memories that I wouldn't trade for anything. But I am very, very much at peace knowing that finally (I am jumping up and down and clapping wildly!!) I am leaving the Washington DC metro area.
Now, I know what you're thinkin'.
'But Kathie, why get rid of your suits and gowns when you might need them in Texas?'
And my answer to you, my sweet friends is, 'I don't think I will.'
I have always enjoyed the social aspects of Mr. T's career in politics. I mean, who wouldn't want to take a break from changing diapers and up-to-the-ceiling laundry to don a glittery ball gown and have grown up conversation at the same time -although I am pretty sure I once told the Director of Agriculture to eat his carrots.  Oh my -the things I'll be able to tell my grandchildren about all the years of governor and presidential inaugurations, White House dinners, Charity gala's, political fundraisers and things that come with being 'the wife'.
Yes, his job has allowed us to see things/people/places we surely wouldn't had we stayed on the ranch.

But, I think I've been blessed with enough excitement to last a lifetime.  Sometimes too much excitement makes life seem to go by 'too fast', so now I am making the conscientious effort to slooooowwwww down and drink in every single moment of life.
Every single moment.

I am loading up Clementine and headed southwest on June 19th.
I am taking my time. I promised my son's girlfriend a cross-country trip so we'll stop whenever we feel like it (maybe at every Cracker Barrel)  and hit the trails end toward the end of June/first of July.

Part II of my life. The next frontier.

Til next time



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holli said...

When you get in Texas give me a holler! Lets meet for coffee, lunch, sweet tea....
Drive safely and enjoy the journey back home!