Monday, June 23, 2014

Kathie Truitt Has Left the Building....

....and it was very difficult. What? Yes, that's right. It was. You see, my son has decided to stay in Virginia. Why, you ask? Two reasons. Number 1, he has lived here his entire life and this is 'home' for him. And also....he's in love. His sweet, adorable girlfriend is also from here and she wants to stay near her family. Actually, it hurt me just as much to leave her as it did him. I just adore her. Looks like I'll be going back every once in a while to visit. I'm okay with that.
So, today was day one of my new adventure. The moving truck is lightly packed an on it's way to Rosebud Cottage in Texas. I left all of my living room furniture for William. The only furniture I am bringing are family heirlooms which is 3 pieces. You know what that means!! I get to start over. Yea!
I packed my mini-cooper with clothes I'll need for a few days and Sally and I headed out at about 7:00 am. We made pretty good time. I thought I might stay the night in Jackson, Tennessee but instead got a room in a small town outside of Nashville called Bellevue. Tomorrow will push on through to Dallas to meet my daughter, son-in-law, grandkids and Mr. T. The kids settle on their house tomorrow and we should the get the keys to ours on Thursday.
I'm sorry I have no pictures to show you today but I am one of these people that doesn't try to text and drive let alone take pictures. Just picture the most beautiful lush, green mountains you can imagine, throw in a few rain showers and one really bad thunderstorm and that sums up my day.

Before I turn in for the night it just hit me! I need to change my picture on my blog, don't I? Yikes. Think, think, think.
Til next time...


holli said...

You're almost here!! Stay safe and enjoy the scenic journey.

sherri said...

Drive safe too Kathie! Love ya!