Monday, June 30, 2014

One week into the new adventure

It's been one week since I left Virginia for Texas.
My 1800 mile trek across the great South was without incident, thank you Jesus.
Can you imagine stuffing 3 weeks worth of clothes and a few other necessities (makeup, jewelry and shoes) and a 50 pound dog into a Mini-Cooper and driving that far?
Well, Sally and I did it and it was fun!
Now for the stress.
You know it's just not in the cards for everything to go smooth 100% of the time. Heck, I'd be happy with 40% but....
Anyway, a few more days and I should be settled in.

In the meantime we took Sally to the lake we are going to be living by and did a little exploring.
By the way, I'm ready to tell you about the town I've moved to.
Rowlett, Texas.
 It's a very charming lakeside community about 20 miles from Dallas. The population is 57,000 so I am still technically a 'country girl in a city', but I no longer feel 'stuck'. I chose this peaceful, calm place 'on purpose'.
 It was rated #1 Best Small City to live in by a national travel magazine and it's easy to understand why.
It's 'off the beaten path'. You have to look at a map to find it because there are no signs on the highway telling you how to get there.
In a nutshell?
I love this place.
Pictures to come.....



And we are so happy that you are here! Welcome to Rowlett! (:

holli said...

My aunt and cousins all live in Rowlett. I lived there in junior high. Its changed drastically over the years bit mostly for the better. Welcome back to Dallas City Limits. When you get settled- lets have lunch!