Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Any ol' barn looks better painted

I feel makeup is getting a bad rap lately.
I have heard so many people lately claiming it's 'false advertising' -mostly from guys who are complaining that the girl they woke up to is NOT the girl they went to bed with.
My response to that is maybe you should get to know someone waaayy better before you go to bed with them.
But then I'm just weird like that.
You see, if you really love someone then you love them for who they are and you're not as concerned that maybe they don't look so hot first thing in the morning. Because seriously - who does?
One time Mr. T and I bought a house. Bear with me now - I am not changing the subject and it's very relevant to our conversation here. An almost-brand new house that had been treated very badly on the inside but still had really good bones.
 Honestly? All it took was a bit of paint to spruce it up.
It was inexpensive but yet it increased not only the looks of the house but the property value as well.
Isn't that what our 'outward' shell is? Our house? Who wouldn't want to make it look it's best.
Also, it's a proven fact that if you look your best you feel your best. And if you feel your best you're going to be your best.
I am reminded of my favorite preacher from childhood.
Don Willingham.
Someone asked him if he thought it was 'Un-Christian' for a woman to wear cosmetics.
Without hesitation, Don, whose wife Betty was a true Texas beauty,  spoke these words of wisdom:
"I think any ol' barn looks better painted."
I agree.
And this ol' barn is not afraid to prove it.

Til next time,


Mr. T said...

I love both these girls.

Deb~in~Denver said...

Both pictures are beautiful! I think the one where the "ol' barn" has a bit of paint makes your beautiful eyes really stand out! I'm like you, I really feel better when I have my "face on". My sweet hubby always tells me he doesn't notice the difference but I sure do! Always makes me feel a little more girly. Your Preacher was a wise man!

holli said...

I am just not a natural beauty and I am so very grateful for makeup!! I don't leave home without my eyeliner. You have natural rose cheeks! I think you look great either way.

Kathie Truitt said...

Both of those girls love YOU, Mr. T.

shavon121 said...

You look hot!!!