Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hillbilly Debutante no more

I learned the hard way that Facebook is no longer allowing 'fake' names. So, I am now just 'Kathie Truitt'. How original.
I'm still sitting in this dark, cold hotel room.
Sounds like a bad country music song - except I'm not drunk.
It's actually a really great hotel and as soon as I check out I'm going to tell you where and who it is because I can not recommend it highly enough.
The staff is absolutely out of this world and the free breakfast ain't bad, either.
So, let me explain about Rosebud Cottage.
I probably could have kept the deal together but the sweet lady who owns it now has a very sick mama who is in hospice care and I'm not even sure as of this writing if she is still living.
She said it was easier for her to move back in and bless her heart I think her feelings are more important than my desire for a house.
I've moved on and I'm praying for her through this tough time.
I always have a plan B and I'm working on it. But I probably won't share anything on that front til it's a done deal.
My goodness! I had no clue how serious y'all take my adventures. A lot of you made your feelings known and you were just as disappointed as I was.
It will be okay.
This has gone NO WAY as planned but you know what?
I'm in God's country and that's where I've always wanted to be.
I love Texas.
Til next time...
'just Kathie'

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