Monday, July 14, 2014

Homeless and Jobless in Texas

Okay, so it's not as bad as it sounds. The homeless 'bit' should be rectified soon. In the meantime I'm staying with my daughter in Dallas and enjoying my grandchildren more than the law should allow.
I usually wake up to kisses, hugs and smiles from this little guy right here.
What a way to start the mornin', I tell ya.
I am actively pursuing employment - which is a job in and of itself. I've sent my resume out to quite a few places and dropped 4 or 5 off physically as well in which 2 of those places recognized me. Lady: "Aren't you that 'writer'?" to which I replied 'no', to which she came back with, "Well, there's a 'Kathie Truitt' that's an author'. Spells her name just like you."
Oh, wait a minute! That IS me. Of course, I'm flattered (my p.r. team always told me my biggest fan base was Texas), but also thinking 'uh-oh. This is not good'.  Nora Roberts I am not - meaning I don't make near as much money as folks think I do and this 'writer' needs a job to support her habit.
(i.e. food).
While beggars can't be choosers I am hoping to do something that is an extension of who I am. Think: cowboy boots and jeans to work. No fancy people. Folks that enjoy the country/cowpoke life as much as I do.
So, I applied at a Western Store. Boots, galore! I felt like I'd died and gone to cowgirl heaven.
I've got my fingers crossed and I will leave you with a quote from Judge Roy English's "When I Am An Old Coot" which I picked up at said Western Store.
'When I am an old coot I will teach children to belch 'Clementine' when their mommies are not around.'
Actually why wait til I'm old...Oh, Sophiaaaa! Jaayy! Grandma's home!
Til next time,


holli said...

How awesome to have these moments with the grandbabies. Fingers crossed on your job applications. You have to let me know which one- Sheplers, Cavenders, etc. I love the smell of new boots and hats!

reinaknits by the fire said...

Hi Kat...hugs n love, Reina (reinaknits) in Vegas!

Thinking of you...100 here humidity was 30% this am..16% now but 100.

Seeing the grandbabies is so special.
Have a good rest of week dear friend.

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