Thursday, July 3, 2014

Texas Adventure

I normally love roller coasters. But honey...I can't get off this one fast enough.
I have to laugh to keep from crying! Today I am high-tailing it down I-30 outside of Garland and I get stopped.
Apparently, the speed limit is 60. Not 75. I thought about pleading for mercy since I've lived here all of 5 seconds but I didn't.
So, hi-ho, hi-ho to traffic court I go. Good grief.
I have decided to move in with Rachael and Dino and gather my thoughts and figure out what to do.
Do I look for another house to buy? Or do I rent something? I don't have a clue but I will figure it out.
I wanted an adventure and by golly, I got it.
Til next time,

1 comment:

holli said...

What? What happened to the cute house in Rowlett? You will find the perfect place. Thank goodness you have someone to stay with. Hang in there!