Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When Dreams Go Awry

When all the hopes and dreams you have are all wrapped up in one pretty little package and then 'poof'! it's gone what do you do?
No, that's not a rhetorical question - I really want to know.
I am struggling right now.
I get criticized a lot for being an open book. But trust me, I'm not near as open as people think I am. I probably was when I first started my blog but after my first book came out and readership increased I became a lot more guarded.
You see, there are those out there that live to see me hurting. Disappointed. Waiting, hoping I'll stumble and fall - or fail. They troll my blog, try to 'friend' me under false pretenses and have been known to leave hateful remarks on the Barnes and Noble page as a 'review'. No, I'm not being paranoid. I'm being real - which is something I haven't been in a long time.
It's no secret that I've been wanting to leave the DC area for a very long time. In 2005 I thought I had it wrapped up. I bought a farm house in rural Missouri and thought I was on my way. Except I wasn't. My house wouldn't sell and I couldn't go til it did.
So, I stayed. My daughter got married and I welcomed two grandbabies within the next few years and I lived within 10 miles of them which would not have happened had I left. Whew! Talk about thanking God for unanswered prayers.
Then my daughter and her husband decided to pack up and move to Texas. I knew I'd eventually follow but first there was a job I wanted. It didn't pan out. The rejection was public, it was embarrassing and I probably didn't  handle it as well as I should have. I decided to give up and pursue other dreams - moving to Texas.

For the very first time in a very long time things were falling perfectly into place.
And then within days it all came apart.

It's not life-threatening. It's not devastating. It's just disappointing. And yes, hurtful. To say I'm not at a real low point would be a lie and I've promised to give you 'real'. It's only fair because y'all have always, always had my back; through the early stages of the blog to the publication of both books. You've rejoiced at the birth of both grandchildren. Many of you I've actually met!

The good news is that I am in Texas and I'm staying. But sadly, it looks as if Rosebud Cottage is not going to work out.

One thing I've learned in life is that when God blocks something it's usually for your own protection. It's best to not fight it, be still and know that He is in control.
That's what I'm doing.

Til next time,




Sharon said...

No Rosebud Cottage? Thought you had already bought it!!! Very sorry!

Katydid said...

Kathie, when I saw that you had signed a contract for Rosebud Cottage I was happy for you but I have to admit I asked myself "Are you sure, Kathie"? Anyway, I was just curious...I know property is expensive there as it is everywhere but have you looked for something rural with a place for a garden, horse, chickens? I have always got the feeling that you are truly a country girl at heart. Those grandkids of yours would love a place like that. Our place is a haven for our suburb grandmunchkins. Just sending my two cents. I sincerely wish you the best!

Your 4 hr away neighbor,
Kelly Bundy

Kathie Truitt said...

No, this place is not expensive. Dallas is nothing price-wise versus DC. I can afford way more than this house. Unfortunately this was something out of our control.

Kathie Truitt said...

Also, I don't want to be way out in the country. My kids live inside the city and I'm not going to be too far away from them or they won't visit. Besides, I am going to work and I don't want to have a long commute. Rowlett is perfect.

Tracey Miller said...

When we were looking for our house in 2002 we walked into this one and knew it was "the one". Placed our bid, thought we had it, and lost it. I was so upset I refused to look at any other homes. 6 weeks later we got a call from the Realtor - do you still want the house? The deal fell through and they want to accept your offer. We've lived her for 12 years! God does have a plan for you, try and be patient