Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am asking for your help...

I need a favor from you.
Though it's how I got my home in Texas (thank you, Mr. T) I don't make a habit of begging.
But today all bets are off and I am on my knees.

If you've read 'False Victim' then you know what my family has been through. William was only 10 when we moved away from that situation.
But this isn't about us - so bare with me.
You see, when we moved there were twin boys, Edmund and Edwin, that became like brothers to Will. Those boys were and still are a Godsend.
We lovingly refer to them as 'The Ed's.'  They have a younger brother named Samuel. Their mother is a single, working mom who was working two jobs but had to quit one to continue her education for a better future.

'The Ed's' graduated from a high school a year ago and both turned down college scholarships to play football so they could stay home, attend a local community college and work two jobs (each of them) to help their mom and be there to help with their little brother while he finished high school.
In this daily process we call life, the rent fell behind. They are facing eviction. They live in one of the, if not the cheapest apartment complexes in the DC metro area.
This is not a matter of them living among their means.
It's not.
So what does this have to do with you? I'm glad you asked.
Please click on the link below and donate whatever you can. You think you're donation is too small to make a difference? Think again. It's all about volume.
I'd like to thank you in advance.
There is one thing I know about you all.
 You're big-hearted.
You're insanely generous and you're the most kind-hearted folks in the world.
I KNOW together we will get this done.



I was going to share your blog on facebook to get the word out but you don't have a share button. I went to the website and could share the story on facebook from there. Thanks for letting us know about this woman and her childredn. Sister Teresa said if you can't feed the world start with one person. What a good person you are! Thanks, Barb

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