Sunday, September 21, 2014

She has a name

First of all, I must sincerely apologize to everyone who participated in the 'house-naming' contest.
I was going to go with 'Ashby'.
But at the end of the day it still felt so....pretentious.
When all the construction, painting and decorating is over, the  house will have more of a formal-ish feel to it, but still... I am not in Highland Park nor Lakewood.
(Beautiful, hi-falutin' hoods in Dallas. So not me)
I am 25 miles down the road in Rowlett where our population may be 57,000 and we might technically be considered part of the metroplex, but if you drive through our downtown you'd swear you were in Mayberry RFD.

And in my neighborhood while the houses are very nice, we still look very Texan, not Downton Abbey.
Then out of the blue, a light bulb came on, and I thought 'Richmond'. Yes!  Perfect! What better way to honor my Virginia roots than Richmond? It's not only the capital city, but was once the Capital of the South. Wonderful.
I just could not envision 'Richmond' on the customary sign that all houses with names  invariably have. Actually, that's not quite true. I'm very creative and I could picture it but I am pretty sure most people would not 'get it' and I'd always be busy 'explaining' which would get tiresome.
"Richmond? But, I thought your name was Truitt".

Or: 'Why d'ya have to go and name your stupid ol' house for, anyway?'

Yes, I got that thrown at me a few times during the naming contest/process. It made me smile.
Why, indeed.

Because when we are finished - when we have done everything that needs to be done with her (our estimated time of completion is springtime) she will be a destination.

 A place we will entertain our family, friends, clients, publishers, publicists. designers and artisans we know from all over the country.

I want to host authors, book-signings and writing work-shops.

Next month she is playing Bed/Breakfast to a bride and her bridesmaids the night before the wedding.

A destination must have a name.

But most of all, when I treasure hunt all across Texas and take you with me I need a name in which to refer to that isn't just 'the house'. Or 'my house'.

After much speculation and suggestions (thank you everyone), I knew I needed something 'special'. Something with personality.
A name that just slips off the tongue, makes folks smile and maybe piques their curiosity just a bit.

"Hillbilly Hacienda" 

It was right there the whole time. I've been calling her that in every blog post and it just seems 'right'.

Even Mr. T likes it.
(Or maybe he is still mad over the tailgate debacle and he's just humoring me)

We are nowhere near finished, but we are making strides. Short, sweet strides, but strides nonetheless.

I'm trying not to be too hasty in my decisions. I want everything to be perfect, which explains the empty dining room.

Ralph Lauren 'Blue Chalk'
Waiting for the perfect dining set

I am looking for that 'just right' table and chairs.

I don't have near enough artwork
(and it's driving me absolutely insane).

And with 3,000 square feet there are a LOT of walls - including one pink one upstairs that is going to give me a nervous breakdown if I don't paint it quickly.
Disclaimer: If you remember my last house, I am a lover of all things Shabby Chic (pink/white) but this isn't the shabby chic type or architecture.

We've torn apart kitchen counters and are putting on new ones. Back-splash will have to wait until the House/Senate break for Thanksgiving and Christmas when Mr. T will finally have time to do that and


Yeah. Remember this wall from earlier in the summer? It's still there. I guess he's afraid to fix it because that is where I wanted to put a table with the tail-gate propped up.
By the way, that blasted thing is STILL taking up space in my back yard if anyone wants it.
(Dang, I can't even give that thing away.)

Every week I try to buy just a little something for the house -

like this cute little night light right here. This provides just enough light to keep me from bumping into walls when I make my midnight trek to the ladies room.

If you're like me and a book collector/avid reader, consider placing your books throughout the family room for a combination den/library.

I'm not sure I want the permanence of book shelves just yet, so I've stacked my books all over. I also plan on taking a few awkward corners, placing comfy chairs and a lamp to allow for various reading nooks where guests can relax and curl up with a good book.

I finally have beds in 2 of the 3 spare rooms. They're nowhere near ready for that above mentioned bride and her bridesmaids, but hey, it's still 3 weeks away.

I have pleeenntty of time.

Til next time,


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