Friday, September 19, 2014

"The Hillbilly Debutante's Guide to Decorating...."

or "The Tail Gate that Brought Down a Marriage"

My first weekend in Rowlett (Texas) my cousin Mel took me junking - my favorite thing in the world to do. Well, next to decorating. And maybe writing riding.
Lo and behold we stumbled upon an out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere place that had at least an acre of old gas station signs, antique car doors, furniture, dishes. You name it, honey - he had it.
And that, my friend is where I found the above treasure. Isn't she a beaut? A real find?
 'Hillbilly Hacienda' is going to be a bit more formal than my previous house, but I still want to have a few 'fun' pieces.
You know - like the bull horns in my previous post.
(With a name like 'Hillbilly Hacienda' you can't take things too serious, don't you agree?)
I just knew this tail gate, sitting on top of a long, ornate, formal table and propped against the wall, would be the best conversation piece EVER.
''Kathie, I am not spending thousands of dollars on this kitchen for you to put a stupid tailgate in here."
Then- and I have to take a deep breath and collect myself before even continuing this story. Give me a brief moment, please - whew...Okay. I'm ready. Then he said a word to me he has only used maybe one other time in our 32 years together. Well 34 if you count our dating years.
 ''No! (I cringe) it's not happening. Good grief, Kathie - It's not even a cool year of a vehicle.''
Me: "Well, if that's all that's bothering you, there is a really, really cool 1960-something Volkswagen Beetle door that would ---"
Dang! There it is again. That awful word.
So....if you live in the Rowlett, Texas area and are in the market for a 1974 Ford Tailgate....she's free to a good home.
Til Next Time,


Leiah said...

When we bought our property, there was an old barn on there with a blue ford tailgate. I'm using it for the back of a bench that I'll put under our big oak tree. Maybe you could talk him into letting you use it that way.

Will's Wife said...

I saw where someone put one on hinges attached to a wall outside their house (barbeque area) - it would hang on wall and they could fold down for people to sit on.

Kathie Truitt said...

BOTH great ideas!

holli said...

I'll take it!! I have a pickup and come get it after we have lunch one day. :)

Chanda said...

Your husband is funny, I'm cracking up. He is right, it wasn't a good year. You guys are the best.