Monday, September 1, 2014

More changes at Hillbilly Hacienda - or whatever the heck her name is....

There have been so many changes here... where do I start?

We've decided to wait until late fall to lay down sod but neither one of us could stand those awful shrubs a day bye-bye!
Our landscaper, Miguel and his crew got the job done in about 3 hours. It took 3 men

and a pickup pull up those stubborn trees and pesky roots, and although it was dusk by the time they were finished I couldn't resist a picture.


 Bit by bit she's coming back to life.

Remember these 'before' pictures?

Well, here is the living room 'almost' finished. I laughed before I even got that sentenced typed out. Y'all know me - I'm NEVER done!

Ahh - see those gorgeous bull-horns on the wall? I bought those at Shepler's Western Store in Mesquite. You know - Sheplers? The store I had my heart set on working at yet they don't seem to be as excited about that as I am? Anyway, I was in Fort Worth all week and when I got home on Friday, Mr. T had them hung! Now, I need a picture to hang underneath....hmm. I also need a picture for the wall on the left - that's a big space so it really needs something 'special'. I'll find something, I'm sure but back to the bull horns. I'm planning on having a pair in every single room.

I've been so busy with projects here that I haven't had as much time to shop as I'd like. I still need a dining room table and a kitchen table! I took advantage of Labor Day sales to buy two Queen-size mattresses. (Mattress Stop in Rowlett for those of you in the Dallas area). Plus, I still have an upstairs hallway and a bathroom to paint. I did, however, take one weekend to go to Quinlan, a small, charming, country town about 30 miles east of Rowlett - but it's late here at the Hillbilly Hacienda and this girl needs some shut-eye.  You know, I really hate calling her that - Hillbilly Hacienda - she is much too grand for such a simple name. But I have yet to think of a name that suits her. Some of my readers have suggested 'Greystone' because while exterior is pink brick there are large obvious grey strokes throughout. But as much as Hillbilly Hacienda sounds silly,  Greystone sounds pretentious. Guess I'll have to give this more thought.
I think the deeper I get into remodeling and decorating she will let me know what she wants to be called. What? You don't think houses have personalities? Stick around....I'll prove you wrong.
Til next time,

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Farrah said...

Of course houses know they have names?! She'll let you know when she's ready.

I'm glad it's slowly but surely coming along for you.