Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Defying convention....

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am not, nor have I ever been 'normal.' There. I said it.

I won't say I 'm proud of the fact that I'm not your average, every day, run of the mill, 52-year old woman. I'm just at peace with it. Most days, anyway.

Okay, yes. I admit I have laid awake a few nights wondering what it would be like to be glamorous, like....
Elizabeth Taylor, for instance. Or to possess the poise and class of Grace Kelly.

But alas, it just wasn't meant to be. Any and all attempts that have ever been made to emulate have ended like a long lost episode of "I Love Lucy."
Sorry, Honey.
It's no wonder his hair is turning gray. Bless his heart. His mother was/is a Liz Taylor - 'cept without all those husbands, of course.
Please, don't feel sorry for me. I do NOT waste time trying to be something I'm not meant to be. 
 I decided a loooong time ago to not give a jack rabbit what anybody thinks.
That means if you live in Rowlett, Texas and you see a middle-aged woman with Miley Cyrus hair, on a pink and white vintage bike, her cowboy boot wearing feet pedaling a mile a minute it's most likely me! And sometimes I'm even wearin' a big ole' hat! It embarrasses my kids to no end. And I don't care! I'm having a good time and that's all that matters.
You see, I have this vision in my head. My children are old, knitting and playing Bingo in an old folks home.
A nurse gently saunters in, taps my son on the shoulder, dreading what she must tell him, "I'm sorry to interrupt your Bingo game, Mr. Truitt (or Mrs. Tapper in my daughters case), but your Mother just passed away."

"It's about time!" my son will bellow.
(Forgive him, remember now, he's old and cranky).

"Yes," my daughter will manage to squeeze a few tears, "after all she was 105."

"Oh, no!" the nurse exclaims. "That wasn't it at all. It was a freak accident! She hit her head on a rock when she fell off her horse!"

My kids don't think that story is funny at all. Mainly because at my age they think I should give up the horses.

"Mom," Will says as he rolls his eyes. "You will NOT be riding horses at 105. You won't even be riding at 65!"

Hmmm. We'll see about that.
My heroine, Connie Reeves, 101, was still riding her horse, Dr. Pepper up until 10 days before she died.

It seems that Dr. Pepper, a feisty old boy himself, at 28, was pitching a  hissy fit and threw his owner to the ground. The fall broke her neck, but it didn't paralyze her. She died a few days later, though - from a heart attack.

Please make note that she is wearing her lipstick!
Other women that defied convention...Amelia Earhardt, Katharine Hepburn, Madame C.J. Walker just to name a few. I love the story Dad used to tell me about a local woman he delivered Meals on Wheels to. Ruby Gayle Wilson was well known in our hometown for her glamour and outrageously expensive clothes. At over 100 years old,  Dad described her in full makeup with all of her jewels dangling from her body, all dressed up like she was going to a ball. I love it! That tells me that even at almost 102, she still had a zest for life and had something to live for.
My favorites, though are the up and coming convention-breakers!
For instance, my dear friend Sherry Norman, tells the story of how her niece wanted to get married in camouflage. Unfortunately not all people embrace originality, so said niece settled for plaid, instead, just to keep peace in the family. I'll go easy on her. After all, she's young and she'll learn as she gets older to tell everyone to 'take a hike.' (I remember I wanted my own wedding gown to be red velvet. But when Mama's face turned 'red velvet' I settled for the namby-pamby white after all.)
The up and comers will learn in good time that it's no good to keep the peace if you don't have peace in your own heart. You just have to be who you are. Whether that's jumping out of planes at 50, learning to ski at 70, or running the Boston Marathon at 95. My rule of thumb is if it's not breaking the law - God's or Texas' - and if I'm not hurting anyone then I'll be who I am and I'll do what I want.

I tend to think us 'convention-defyers' have more fun than the average woman. We'll be the ones who are living as we are dying, not sitting around waiting for it to happen.
I suspect that regardless of how old we live to be, death will shock us when it happens.
We'll arrive at the Pearly Gates and exclaim to St Peter:
"Who? Me? But, I was getting ready to drive that Monster Truck over those volkswagen's in the Demolition Derby! Oh, you mean I had a brain aneuryism in the middle of it? Cool!"
Yes, I'll admit to a very small bout of envy when all eyes are fixed in my direction and I realize it's my glamorous friend, Carole,  standing beside me that everyone is admiring. Or how every head turns when my ballroom dancer friend Sonya saunters gracefully into a room.
(I can't even cross my legs without falling out of my chair.)
There's a place for the Grace Kelly/Liz Taylor's of the world. But I'd like to also think there's a place for the gals like me who aren't the conventional everyday type. Besides I have something that most movie star glamour girls could never have -  and that's only one man's name tattooed on my ankle.
Take that, Liz! ((smug))


Michelle said...


TOUCHE! I loved your blog today. I'd like to think that I defy convention...I'm sure I do according to my exes. Ha!

Meg said...

Standing up clapping (woot!woot!)you tell it like it is sista!!!! Defy convention already!

pticester said...

Well said. I always tried to teach my daughter to be her own person. She now just laughs when I do something weird.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Girl...you are too funny. I so understand the thing driving the monster truck over the itty bitty cars! OH, I love that stuff! So keep it up and I'll be cheerin' my friend whose country all the way and stuck in the city, teachin' them all a thing or two about FUN!
(I hope they call me hot roddin' granny!) I got stopped by the police this afternoon....in my husband's 4 x 4 pickup...bad, bad mama!

holli said...

And that's why I like you!! People who dare to be different and march to their own drum is who I have always felt a magnet pull to. I love that at 46 I can still ride my own Harley, I wear whatever I can get away with , and have a young soul. You are FAB!

Leiah said...

At 50, I drive a Mustang GT and love it. So when the younger ones at work talk about me coming in a little too fast - ok, so they say it's on two wheels..whatever - I smile and say, "God wouldn't have told them to put a stick shift and five speeds in there if we weren't supposed to use them!" After all, isn't normal just a setting on the dryer?

Deb~in~Denver said...

Love this post! It's taken me 58 years to finally be comfortable with just being me!