Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Progress, sweet progress..

 Whew! We did it! We pulled it off! Everything we needed to get done before  the 'One Bride, Four Five Bridesmaids and One Wedding Rehearsal Dinner' event. Yesiree, Bob. We got it allll done, Mr. T and me. Not a cross word spoken, not one tense moment and our marriage still intact. Here's proof for all you Doubting Thomas':

Notice we left a space at the top? Mr. T is going to post a mantle there and has left enough space to display antiques and collectibles I might  am sure to find in the future because let's face it - I've pretty much made a career out of thrifting, junking and antiquing.
(If you ask me that tailgate he made me get rid of would have looked pretty darn nice up there. But I'm over it. Really, I am.  No, I'm serious. It's all in the past. I'm fine...really...)
These are all before and after pictures of what the bedrooms looked like up until 2 days before the rehearsal dinner.
I work best under pressure.

 That tiny little lace dress is mine from when I was a baby. All together now...awwwww.

This room is the 'Gabriela' named after our adopted daughter whom I hope will find it so cozy that she wants to eventually stay here with me. Forever and ever. And ever. Amen.
Oops - not a bedroom but the downstairs powder room that was such an eyesore. I had to close my eyes every time I went in there, which is a pretty dangerous thing to do when you gotta go.

 I was so anxious to get this redecorated I didn't even bother strippin' that ugly wallpaper. Instead Mr. T just took a few hours out of his weekend to spackle over it to give some texture and I just painted it the same Behr's Glazed Ginger that's throughout most of the downstairs. 
Huge improvement, huh?
Now, I pee with my eyes open.
The 'Cape Cod'.

Even though this room was incredibly dirty and dinghy, the way the light shined through still gave it a light and airy feel. Ralph Lauren's Brilliant White on the doors and backboards as well as the walls gives the room a very clean, crisp look.
The wooden American Flag comes from a restaurant my kids owned and when they re-decorated they gave it to me. This is the perfect room to decorate around the flag, don't you think?

Because I want guests to feel they're at the beach no matter the time of year, I put up light-weight, filmy curtains. I promise - as long as you don't look out the window you feel like you're in a Cape Cod bedroom. To keep the room this soothing and comforting I'm keeping everything stark white and am being careful to keep everything simple and not over-decorate, which you KNOW is a great challenge for me.
But still - it does need a few more things on the way and a dresser.
Moving right along....

So, there's nothing too special about this room other than the fact it's no longer a storage area and it actually has a bed. Granddaughter Sophia likes this room so this is where we'll sleep when she's here. It needs a rug here and there and a dresser or two.
There are two places that I frequent often enough that they know me by name. The Helping Hands Thrift Store in Rockwall and the  Thrift Store on Rowlett Road in Rowlett.
Just wait til I show you what I found at the Thrift Store in Rowlett. But that's for next time!

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