Monday, July 21, 2014

I miss her....

Y'all remember Dixie? And my Dixie road trips?

She would be wonderful here in Texas.
Wish I'd never let her go.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Any ol' barn looks better painted

I feel makeup is getting a bad rap lately.
I have heard so many people lately claiming it's 'false advertising' -mostly from guys who are complaining that the girl they woke up to is NOT the girl they went to bed with.
My response to that is maybe you should get to know someone waaayy better before you go to bed with them.
But then I'm just weird like that.
You see, if you really love someone then you love them for who they are and you're not as concerned that maybe they don't look so hot first thing in the morning. Because seriously - who does?
One time Mr. T and I bought a house. Bear with me now - I am not changing the subject and it's very relevant to our conversation here. An almost-brand new house that had been treated very badly on the inside but still had really good bones.
 Honestly? All it took was a bit of paint to spruce it up.
It was inexpensive but yet it increased not only the looks of the house but the property value as well.
Isn't that what our 'outward' shell is? Our house? Who wouldn't want to make it look it's best.
Also, it's a proven fact that if you look your best you feel your best. And if you feel your best you're going to be your best.
I am reminded of my favorite preacher from childhood.
Don Willingham.
Someone asked him if he thought it was 'Un-Christian' for a woman to wear cosmetics.
Without hesitation, Don, whose wife Betty was a true Texas beauty,  spoke these words of wisdom:
"I think any ol' barn looks better painted."
I agree.
And this ol' barn is not afraid to prove it.

Til next time,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Homeless and Jobless in Texas

Okay, so it's not as bad as it sounds. The homeless 'bit' should be rectified soon. In the meantime I'm staying with my daughter in Dallas and enjoying my grandchildren more than the law should allow.
I usually wake up to kisses, hugs and smiles from this little guy right here.
What a way to start the mornin', I tell ya.
I am actively pursuing employment - which is a job in and of itself. I've sent my resume out to quite a few places and dropped 4 or 5 off physically as well in which 2 of those places recognized me. Lady: "Aren't you that 'writer'?" to which I replied 'no', to which she came back with, "Well, there's a 'Kathie Truitt' that's an author'. Spells her name just like you."
Oh, wait a minute! That IS me. Of course, I'm flattered (my p.r. team always told me my biggest fan base was Texas), but also thinking 'uh-oh. This is not good'.  Nora Roberts I am not - meaning I don't make near as much money as folks think I do and this 'writer' needs a job to support her habit.
(i.e. food).
While beggars can't be choosers I am hoping to do something that is an extension of who I am. Think: cowboy boots and jeans to work. No fancy people. Folks that enjoy the country/cowpoke life as much as I do.
So, I applied at a Western Store. Boots, galore! I felt like I'd died and gone to cowgirl heaven.
I've got my fingers crossed and I will leave you with a quote from Judge Roy English's "When I Am An Old Coot" which I picked up at said Western Store.
'When I am an old coot I will teach children to belch 'Clementine' when their mommies are not around.'
Actually why wait til I'm old...Oh, Sophiaaaa! Jaayy! Grandma's home!
Til next time,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hillbilly Debutante no more

I learned the hard way that Facebook is no longer allowing 'fake' names. So, I am now just 'Kathie Truitt'. How original.
I'm still sitting in this dark, cold hotel room.
Sounds like a bad country music song - except I'm not drunk.
It's actually a really great hotel and as soon as I check out I'm going to tell you where and who it is because I can not recommend it highly enough.
The staff is absolutely out of this world and the free breakfast ain't bad, either.
So, let me explain about Rosebud Cottage.
I probably could have kept the deal together but the sweet lady who owns it now has a very sick mama who is in hospice care and I'm not even sure as of this writing if she is still living.
She said it was easier for her to move back in and bless her heart I think her feelings are more important than my desire for a house.
I've moved on and I'm praying for her through this tough time.
I always have a plan B and I'm working on it. But I probably won't share anything on that front til it's a done deal.
My goodness! I had no clue how serious y'all take my adventures. A lot of you made your feelings known and you were just as disappointed as I was.
It will be okay.
This has gone NO WAY as planned but you know what?
I'm in God's country and that's where I've always wanted to be.
I love Texas.
Til next time...
'just Kathie'

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Texas Adventure

I normally love roller coasters. But honey...I can't get off this one fast enough.
I have to laugh to keep from crying! Today I am high-tailing it down I-30 outside of Garland and I get stopped.
Apparently, the speed limit is 60. Not 75. I thought about pleading for mercy since I've lived here all of 5 seconds but I didn't.
So, hi-ho, hi-ho to traffic court I go. Good grief.
I have decided to move in with Rachael and Dino and gather my thoughts and figure out what to do.
Do I look for another house to buy? Or do I rent something? I don't have a clue but I will figure it out.
I wanted an adventure and by golly, I got it.
Til next time,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When Dreams Go Awry

When all the hopes and dreams you have are all wrapped up in one pretty little package and then 'poof'! it's gone what do you do?
No, that's not a rhetorical question - I really want to know.
I am struggling right now.
I get criticized a lot for being an open book. But trust me, I'm not near as open as people think I am. I probably was when I first started my blog but after my first book came out and readership increased I became a lot more guarded.
You see, there are those out there that live to see me hurting. Disappointed. Waiting, hoping I'll stumble and fall - or fail. They troll my blog, try to 'friend' me under false pretenses and have been known to leave hateful remarks on the Barnes and Noble page as a 'review'. No, I'm not being paranoid. I'm being real - which is something I haven't been in a long time.
It's no secret that I've been wanting to leave the DC area for a very long time. In 2005 I thought I had it wrapped up. I bought a farm house in rural Missouri and thought I was on my way. Except I wasn't. My house wouldn't sell and I couldn't go til it did.
So, I stayed. My daughter got married and I welcomed two grandbabies within the next few years and I lived within 10 miles of them which would not have happened had I left. Whew! Talk about thanking God for unanswered prayers.
Then my daughter and her husband decided to pack up and move to Texas. I knew I'd eventually follow but first there was a job I wanted. It didn't pan out. The rejection was public, it was embarrassing and I probably didn't  handle it as well as I should have. I decided to give up and pursue other dreams - moving to Texas.

For the very first time in a very long time things were falling perfectly into place.
And then within days it all came apart.

It's not life-threatening. It's not devastating. It's just disappointing. And yes, hurtful. To say I'm not at a real low point would be a lie and I've promised to give you 'real'. It's only fair because y'all have always, always had my back; through the early stages of the blog to the publication of both books. You've rejoiced at the birth of both grandchildren. Many of you I've actually met!

The good news is that I am in Texas and I'm staying. But sadly, it looks as if Rosebud Cottage is not going to work out.

One thing I've learned in life is that when God blocks something it's usually for your own protection. It's best to not fight it, be still and know that He is in control.
That's what I'm doing.

Til next time,